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“Virtual Norm”

August 23, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Considering the growing trend to work from home or anywhere digitally or virtually, is the personal adventurous passion with freedom, eagerness and flexibility in the workforce.

Viewing this thrilling approach of professionalism, the author has enjoyed many versions virtual working since Covid-19.

Digital nomads travel the globe physically, which has been practiced for decades but has been renewed as a popular work ethic. Working from home remotely has also been common just as job sharing the same position.  

Virtual nomads fit the new norm where travel can be pursued in various preferred alternatives along with versatile choices of nearby location schedules. As deadlines are accurately met within timeframes, the scenery can be enjoyed from working outside at a quiet beach, lake, park, your own backyard, dock or boat to inside in your town’s library, museum space or favorite tucked away indoor spot.

All creative variants of working out of the office require thinking out of the box and each method remains to impact digital footprints. Thank goodness for the internet, telecommunications and a vast number of online developing platforms to productively connect and propel these ideas.

Each professional decision is essential for dedicated professionals with high standards to execute responsibilities of value, respect, reliability and honor for the company’s success and soaring results that coincide with your individual, innovative and fulfilling journey.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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