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{Experiencing Spooky Technical Difficulties For A While Now, The Author Looks Beyond The Forming Rip Tides Of Southwest Florida To Discover Cyber Culprits Seriously In The Virtual Malice Plow Of Getting In Her Way}

“Computer Voodoo”

July 6, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Currently referred to as cyberattacks, the author is calling the invasions of her privacy on her computer a huge urge to take control (again) of her lost control and halt the high-tech voodoo predicament as she is fed up with treating the situation as a spell of dark web magic leaving obvious trails of unknown to appear known.

Searching to uncover the author’s gamma personal ambush, she is determined to debunk the transgressor’s location, place, site and position to solve her identity digital dilemma of where and when with how and why that will propel more questions than irritating answers.

Though dealing with black holes, the villain has been practicing digital possession on the author for years as cowardly skilled rites that mysteriously been involving communications, grabbing individual data, jumping on documents to destroy commentary, sending and returning emails forcing her in quandary to examine the outlines of the tyrant’s sequestered mission.

Due to extreme circumstances and pursuing the darknet’s encryption whereabouts, the author in her kindness has received the delinquent’s attention to roar back at this evildoer gently yet boldly to publicly let the bully user know she is not going to be quiet any longer with fear and knows of the stolen information taken by onion routing with surveilling and tracking.

Admitting the author is by far not an expert on cyberattacks, she is an expert in the experiences of a digitized process in the uncanny system to write this pertinent article to forewarn others of possible hostage vicious grimness in computer protective reality as she gained knowledge in the training and understanding to resolve problems in cybersecurity by implementing analytic value-based decisions and would like to share one of her articles about this critical subject.

As the author has had her identity stolen drastically over a decade, she will not be silent anymore to her personal alertness of the continuing arduous eerie witchy game that thunder is striking repeatedly in her Wild storm that comes and goes and makes her innocent peaceful ocean life sway into unpredictable waves that is apparently sent with cruel harm.

There is a tender-hearted forgiving message from the author to her electronic perpetrator to please stop the online embarrassing harassments and character assassinations, “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.,” 1 Peter 2:1 New International Version (NIV) of the Christian Bible; Still, the best-selling book of All time.

For anyone who would like to know more information with recent references on this monumental topic or share with loved ones, please visit Secrets in Your Data | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS.

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