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{Announcing A New Publication On Medium As The Author Invites Talented Writers To Join Her In Endearing Visionary Penned Hones Inside A Flourishing Composing Home}

“Affectionate Zen”

March 16, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Inviting writers to join the author to optimistically further flourishing creativity with positivity in her premiering publication, Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana By Kimmy on

Affectionate Zen will be upliftingly noticed by fellow authors and readers in the vitality and vigorous capacity of learning with sparks of activity in this laid back literary digital venue to be accepted and heard while gleefully cheered, featured and treasured.

Experience valued fascination in the energy of the Writers Cabana as liveliness and spiritedness soar to continue being in present moments of every posted melodic artistic score that will be honorably and favorably adored.

Slide onto the tranquil coastlines’ hammock and snuggle in to be nestled inside this sunny, warm and fun publication that will reign, “What A Feeling,” to make one dance and sing to form a string of exuberant words with cherished meanings.

Kind and caring encouragements are sent by the author as she publishes many brilliant writers to fill her homepage with a variety of Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana extraordinary sage.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

For more of the author’s eclectic background, generously feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and delight in the posts submitted with faith, positive insight, educational news, sustainability and creative poetry writing with beneficial meanings that are blessings and surprising.

Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation in every communication.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!