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{Sharing The Author’s Scene Of A Warm Stormy Sea Night On Captiva Island, Florida As Ripping Tides Ride}

“Amazing Wonder”

November 20, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Clusters of flowering leaves and palm trees decorated various towns and islands that sparkled with activities like diamonds, which adorned healthy Southwest Florida’s foliage and natural greenery cascading like canopied bridges creating memories of beauty that lingered in enchanting villages.

Scenic scenes of creation can be destroyed in a moment’s instant that forces one to notice nothing is granted or given.

Disappearing views in sight capture composure to perceive closer.

Mother Nature is a large part of devastation for realization as gravesites, homes and belongings drift down the streets into the seas and endless sand.

Among the dangerous storms that swirl and twirl, there are many areas in the world that are left behind in the struggle to get ahead that remain stuck in the inconceivable political grind instead.

As the author knows this reality fully as daily certainty since she was in the Eye of Hurricane Ian when the tempest blast pounced on Southwest Florida’s coast, September 28, 2022 that put a vast at the most through a nightmare that is lasting as a land lock ghost while everyone comes together to do their best by lending a grateful graceful hand.

Still, debris is seen as road signs bend or are upside down on the end with every present wind to the ground and bouncing around again and again.

Kudos to Southwest Florida Television for the remarkable video, “The Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier Before And After Hurricane Ian,” that demonstrates the emotional tearful seriousness (even to this present day of 11.20.23) of souls lost and the longing without dodging to build stronger and wiser in this valuable 5:41 minute of time worth watching.

The iconic Cape Romano Dome Homes in Naples, Florida vanished in the whirling barrel of Hurricane Ian as well and can be explained in this crucial 3:06 minute impactful video to tell that would be beneficial for anyone to be aware with sincere kindness and prayer.

As Earth’s grounds are shifting, foundations are fading as a new normal to make one stay or walk away that can also be informative to realize in this “Chesapeake Bay Island Towns Disappearing to Sea Level Rise,” PBS documentary teaser about Tangier Island in Virginia sinking further as its destined future.

In many decisions, there are bountiful positive visions with purpose as the progressive rock group, Kansas, melodically orchestrates, “Dust in the Wind,” with due diligence (though in the retro 70s holds reality today) that the truth in actions is a fleeting moment but what is done with that truth day by day can be tucked in the heart as an art and carried as dust in the wind when thinking from time to time on this universe for what it is all optimistically worth.

With amazing wonder as months pass with
every year, one ponders what was will
never be what was as one knew
as the known to now be the unknown.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!