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October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This is for loved ones who care and for the loved ones seeking shelter, escape.

Speaking for the Unspoken

“The Light Will Shine”

October 31, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Please, if you are observing or experiencing uneasy, inappropriate behaviors mentally/physically or isolation from a relationship of any kind, reach out without denial or embarrassment and communicate as you listen and believe with acceptance.

Fear, being afraid and frightened with threats are not love.

Love is not to hurt or cause friction with volcanic chaos.

Encountering stifle, control and ridicule are not love.

Love is not to force activity or demands upon you against your will.

Listen to your instincts and alarms for guidance and security.

Waiting for the right time to see corrected change in someone or thinking situations

will improve but are worsening with severity, frequency and intensity would be

too late with devastated impacts.

Proceed in the integrity that enough is enough by stopping the cycle.

Set the example that violence of any manner is not tolerable.

Your courage to walk away, literally run or flee to seek protection is wiser than

to be another unknown or not cared about statistic of tragedy.

When you are in a sheltered place with loved ones helping you, remain strong, steadfast

and take precautionary measures with prudence.

Generate and follow a safety plan with your loved ones and converse with each other

throughout the day, every day.

Remove yourself from social media platforms and utilize wise technology skills

not to be tracked during extreme harsh tensions or circumstances.

Pray. God’s shield is surrounding you with his promises to protect you.

Detect quiet segments from your harasser for you might endure unanticipated

stunts that could happen repeatedly.

Identify forthcoming schemed and brewed exploits from your culprit that would surface

in front of you as malicious actions with intent to harm.

Understand and be prepared to wait on God’s time, not your time, to heal

with questions without answers.

Processing the turmoil is not an instant fix but a mountain of glory and acclaim await

as your soul regains vigor with encouraged attainment.

Realize to clutch one day at a time as you mend with a profound comeback.

Divide the day into each hour or less to perceive anything or everything can change

in a minute that swirls into a new, unexpected trajectory.

Use the valuable personal restoration to meditate and pause to rejuvenate your

energy with gratefulness and happily infuse daily.

Appreciate the longer you abide for God’s blessing with patience, you will witness

the greater blessing HE has in store for you.

As you liberate with cautious steps to the other side in your solo journey of freedom,

you will see the remarkable and unimaginable light shine.

Though days will be a storm of lows and highs, the passage is yours to own as a

beacon beaming as your sacred refuged lighthouse.

In the midst of tears, never give up for you are brave, vital and worthy.

Validate your path as you start a new awakening, refreshed life.

Comprehend altered and revived dreams can be made, lived and expressed in a

serene haven without coerced, inflicted stress or worry.

God has an enormous plan for you with peace, calmness and bliss.

A silent guarded life will emerge from the inward pain, as you phase from a victim

to embrace a deserved, discovered, victorious Survivorship.

Keep looking upwards with a smile on your face for God created this extraordinary

precious kind gesture for a reason.

Remember to forgive and be humble with grace as you boldly go forward with your

faith in God who saved you to be alive to share your testimony.

You have a purpose and are loved with value.

Your dignity, pride and cherished life will be rescued with inner miracles.

God will provide for you as HE will never leave you or forsake you.

Adhere to your safety plan, tell others in trust and stay alert to your senses.

You have assistance and assurance as you take the road less traveled.

​National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE (7233)

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!