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“Shaping The Future”

November 8, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Current factors are mixing in the air with the unpredictable Tropical Storm Nicole and midterm elections with the predictable full moon and king tides.

While tropical weather elements crash on landfall, so will the midterm elections force directions to shape the future.

Implications are strengthening in Nicole’s tropical storm path as a possible uncertain Category 1 circulating hurricane soon approaching the East coastline of Florida.

Early hours of Tuesday morning’s red full moon will cause predictable heightened sea surges by enormous king tides that typically lasts about three hours.

Threatening dangerous combinations are expected as Tropical Storm Nicole spins, pivots and twirls with high pressures among the unpredictable outcomes.

Widespread coastal flooding, gusty winds, intermittent heavy tropical rain will hit the shorelines of Southeast Florida as severe impacts swirl across the Sunshine State into Southwest Florida.

Anticipation of any serious storm returning to Southwest Florida just 41 days ago from the destructive Category 4 Hurricane Ian is intense and worrisome.

Residents are still rebuilding, restoring, recovering and cleaning up in Southwest Florida. Utilities and electricity continue to flicker with extreme low energy to null parts of that coastal region.

Now, arrangements are in place to brace another large tropical storm system. Blue roof tarps are being secured with extra fastenings, vast debris is of concern from blowing winds and blasting showers.

Warnings of power shortages and stresses of preparation are in effect for Florida as Tropical Storm Nicole sweeps across the state before churning North.

For more in depth updates on Tropical Storm Nicole, visit The Weather Channel.

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