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{Troubled Waters Are Along Isolated Islands Of Southwest Florida As The Author Feels The Pain Of Others To Perceive There Will Be Insightful Lit Journeys To Miraculously Gain And Eventually, Hopefully Receive}

“Voices Carry”

June 19, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Though Domestic Violence (DV) awareness month is only four months away in October, alertness to this consequential subject is important enough to know every day as the author was overwhelmingly imperatively heavy laden due to recent activities affecting her and others that she was impelled to write this article today.

When one is involved in a tormented relationship, tune into one’s gut instincts to register as an alarming beacon like the Richter scale of the overpowering feeling “to get out” or in drastic life-threatening circumstances “to escape,” as the author was forced to do several times until the last final flee was alone with severe results to the obscenity of not being allowed by the abuser to see her two sons for over a decade and is still continuing.

With this earnest plea, please evaluate, take heed to proceed to strongly leave when grave behaviors are obviously wrong, as some traits by abusers are outlined below to grasp the saving grace for the victim’s differences between wrong from the abuser for one to move into the right safe place zone of prospering to belong.

From privately ignored and publicly unrepresented to be ecstatically serenaded in daily worthwhile strive presented.

From unwillingly suppressing dictating emotions to indicating vital glowing expressions.

From massively controlled restrictions to openly reveling gentle assertations.

From unreasonable stifled censorship to positive echoes of sweet vast harmonious privileges.

From constantly fighting against an authoritarian to freely articulating with entitled strength courageously.

From spit shouting shutting up to discovering liberation in generously and genuinely speaking up.

From enduring restraining insane pain to endearing beautiful optimistic declaring sane.

From confused heartbreaking tears in the dark to positive light bright enthralling confidence as happy as a lark.

From horrid fright of belting unnecessary consequences to propel daringly as one’s unique quirky person of bold genesis.

From hiding with overhearing to seriously noticing being heard and profoundly understood.

From useless selfish mind control to booming resounding selflessness interests in the soul.

From smooshed discarded inadequate dreams to flourishing bringing back declared dazzling beyond adequate.

From regarded as a goon candy arm dish to be respected as a crooning valuable lady of substance.

From yelling outrageous stupidities to delightfully listening to dignified meaningful accolades.

From outward distasteful insecurities to inward belief in God’s promises of everlasting securities.

From volatile lies of sour pathetic assertions to truths of clear joyful faithful affirmations.

From disgusting striking physical abuse to only mirroring the scars on skin to move on within.

From inconceivable gross embarrassing mental games to outstanding streams of majestic beaming individual achieving claims.

From alarming gaslighting harming spoofs to legitimate profound friendly gatherings with humbled grounded funny goofs.

From poked with low esteem intimidations to reveling in kind high admiration, prized declarations.

From hushing to keep voices down anywhere to raising kindled vocals with praise to serve as an inside credence crown everywhere.

Encourage Voices to Carry loudly with creativity in uplifting passions from the heart and whole to form one’s own story of grateful determination in spunk and grit without ever slighting to be silent but to stand up for one’s self’s dignity in infinite wise purity and responsibility.

Divulging personal experiences of Domestic Violence (DV) in the course of an adult lifespan, the author has been carefully illuminated to have fled over a decade ago in charting a refurbishing recourse in recovering her deep real fundamental roots of solid characteristics of clarity that should have been enjoyed through the years in flourishing instead of contaminated as she knows the ramifications of this article but is willing herself to be on the line to reach someone in a devasted relationship of any age or any gender to remember the value of one’s self thoroughly and not give in knowing the voice inside saying, “this is wrong, but…” and realize letting go is seeing the safer side of life’s path ahead with unknowns to develop into peaceful exciting blissful Godly poised knowns.

Comprehending the author’s articles are long, she is imploring fellow writers and readers to at least peruse, scan or pass the precious messages of information along to someone that may be in need with kindness ensuring he/she is not alone.

As the author has first-hand seasoning, she verbalizes a bugling trumpet sound of committed Um-Hum to spread this word of significance for she is validating to recognize crucial timing to take action for others in predicaments by reaching out to find out what one can do to help out no matter what is said as blunt for there may not be another opportunity to hear a conversation but to receive a confirmed call as one’s dearest friend is dead gone whom just possibly could have been saved by actions taken instead of the surviving living with thorns of haunted “what ifs” mourn as forsaken.

{As The Sweet-Scented Frangipani Plant Translates Its Floral Persona, The Meaningful Plumeria Grants Prolific Human Resilience And Devoted Sturdiness At The Creative Publication, Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana}

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.,” Luke 11:33 New International Version (NIV) of the Christian Bible; Still, the best-selling book of All time.

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Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

For more of the author’s eclectic background, generously feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and delight in the posts submitted with faith, positive insight, educational news, sustainability and creative poetry writing with beneficial meanings that are blessings in surprises in her new publication, Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana.

Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!