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“Honoring Reality”

June 22, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Sweetly being blunt with the truth is a tactful necessity to be upfront.

Bring facts to the conversation with gentle confidence about each specific situation.

Genuinely heed candor with respect to ensure the reality is anchored with delicate accuracy.

Qualities of sincerity and honesty provide compassion to be actual during the difficult talk to be peaceful.

Love through the years will remain in the precious heart to understand fairness that will be endearingly priceless.

Being authentic with value will be remembered as a blessed virtue that will serve various views that need reviewed.

Once to be forced to flee, surfaces emotions that had to be, but faith guided to save the weak looking back was fate to straighten the path toward the heavenly gate.

God will make everything alright and will take away the fears with dear secure tears.

Porch lights will shine as a waiting sign for the author’s sons to return joyfully in the Lord’s timely design.

Dedicated to all who need a friend in positive repair as the melody from Matt Simons sings with devoted care, “With You,” as the author promises to always be near in spirit and in her grit of every mental visit.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!