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{Palms Sway, Ocean Gently Waves As Plumeria Fragrance Fills The Days In Southwest Florida’s Warm Sunshine Rays}

“By The Sea”

December 14, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Accomplish goals by stepping out of a comfort known with self-discipline and dedication to actively and willingly demonstrate a worthy obligation.

Develop an unwavering leap of valuable faith in the unknown with optimistic kind respect and grateful grace to embrace the heavenly Zen zone as a welcoming base.

Take responsibility for accountability in the midst of persevering miraculous risks that trigger harmonious vigor with inner whispers that will be cherished and treasured.

Investigate knowledge to be loyally courageous and positively encouraged with out-of-the-box quirky fun filled tasks exerted and cheerfully nourished.

Shine bright with uplifting energy to press on in every detail to steadfastly prevail to soar and successfully sail in complete attempt to tell one’s extraordinary, blessed life’s tale.

Home will be the place where deepest affection is a calm and peaceful oceanic satisfaction with plenty of tranquil rest to be refreshed as the author has confidently healed to reveal before she takes a renewed, soothed stage left with thankful zeal.

Acknowledge experiences as gifts to observe and to be awake in the miracles as this stringed orchestrated symphony of creative instrumental majesties and talented lyrics, “Where The Heart Is,” by the Amsterdam, Netherlands duo, HAEVN, perform with apparent heart strung purpose as they take the light and see the guidance with a fulfillment of the right angelic, radiant combination that is of the vital essence and fundamental substance.

{As The Sweet-Scented Frangipani Plant Translates Its Floral Persona, The Meaningful Plumeria Grants Prolific Human Resilience And Devoted Sturdy Brilliance}

“Bravery is strength,
pursue the adventurous breath.”
“Worry is out of one’s control, let go.”
“Utilize time wisely, dignified and precisely.”
12.14.23 Kimmy Foulds,
Author’s SOP Survivor Of Plenty

Strength By The Sea podcast by Kimmy Foulds is coming soon to virtually commune and welcomes invitations to participate in a weekly fragrant cyber plumeria talk studio of upbeat bloom.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!