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{Sharing Magnificent Monk Parakeets Glowing In The Florida Stunning Sunshine}

“Feeling Happy”

November 22, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Recently, a transforming vibrant treat paused the author in a private awestruck moment by an instinctive high that directed her eye towards the sky with a thankful sigh of fulfillment and treasured attentive emotions by the gliding twittering voices.

Arriving at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, Florida’s ocean sand, the echoes of hearing the entertaining harmonious chords of Monk Parakeets, known as local Quaker Parrots, made their flying cluster premiere above the beach that looked like lite fireflies from beneath.

Tropical splendor is a continuing relishing pleasure with unimaginable surrendered minutes to gaze upwards at the defined radiant beautiful wing spanned creatures.

As tranquil and jovial bohemian attitudes prevail at the quaint adorable ocean front Sunset Beach town in shaded pavilions and shoreline cabanas for a writer to indulge in the visions with experience, one of the most exquisite scenes beside the sea foam is the Monk Parakeets singing with glee.

Admiring the trill of a union Quaker Parrot group makes one notice of their perched chitter chatter even in a proximity of scatter with short musical notes that are distinguishable with substance and social matter.

Joy and merriment resonate with the Quaker Parrots that bring twinkling beams on the observers face with profound energy, sensitivity and a lasting good dose of positivity.

A feeling of contentment is evident by appreciating the plumage blends of the Monk Parakeets and their inquisitive cavort behavioral expressions as one is evoked to be mesmerized by their green and blue neon-like coloration so brightly prized.

From the beginning to the end of the day, delighted elation will discover one’s home to make a paradise no matter what comes along one’s way as this upbeat favorite familiar song, “Three Little Birds,” by legendary Bob Marley & The Wailers cheerfully animates in an optimistic rhythm to activate empathy as a genuine natural sensation of happy therapy.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

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