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“Feeling Emotion”

May 7, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Brilliantly splendid views of impressive hues bind abundant endorsements of picturesque escarpments.

Lofty rapidly rolling waterfalls transport experiences with mental majestic souvenirs of genuine memories to treasure and tuck inside with blissful cheer forever.

Roaring sounds of unconfined water cascading downward with amazingly reinforced air of colorful sprinkles of mist showcase a remarkable arena of marvel that verifiably exists.

Luminating glistening pastels spark emotions of wonder with shines of grandeur and aesthetic inspiration as the torrent forcefully plummets unstoppably over and over.

Astonishing displays of natural glory prompts attention to the towering purity of gorgeous resilience in altering appearance.

Rushing water plunging atop the cliffs below into a roaming foam that syncs fascination and imagination to the strong rocky ridge and ragged ceased edge.

Beholding euphoric sights proclaim realities of magnificent splendor to revel in visions of dazzling, yet, tender outdoor surrender.

Soaring the resplendent radiance of purposeful cataracts generate feelings of allured respect to ponder the highest assured scenery with exaltation around the earth’s spectacular greenery.

Appealing artistry of monumental enticement blends exquisite beauty with mesmerizing chances into heavenly glances that become clear with a tear.

Confronting challenges in life as distinct as massive flowing barrels of water can be turned into lovely uplifts as admiring thoughts sift towards God’s grace in an entire masterpiece with miraculous peace.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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