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{Incredible Knowledge Gained Through The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd, On The HISTORY Channel Could Make One’s Mind Extraordinarily Change}

“Oh My”

January 31, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

This new television series is really worth viewing for the valuable time knowing to yearn and learn from each educational episode in the series, which can be astoundingly confirmed in worldwide cities.

1518 City of Strasbourg, Holy Roman Empire Dancing Plague: Residents danced themselves to death and sick in blood that started from individual silent sways to music of body twists and shakes over thirty days until the survivors were required to wear red shoes sprinkled with holy water and hold symbolic items on a mountain shrine to pray for absolution in resolution.

1814 London Beer Flood: Tidal wave of a local tall vat of fermenting beer was unleashed from buckled iron hoops that flowed through a London village, drowning and killing people of inundated debris in the neighborhood as one of history’s strangest disasters as the tsunami of beer.

1919 Boston Molasses Flood: Explosions from a bursting tank tower silo of sticky molasses hardened in streets, homes, buildings as a vast blob of dark sugar substance, suffocated and injured over 150 people.

1923 New York Irish Horse Trainer and Jockey, Frank Hayes: He won yet suffered a fatal heart attack in the latter part of the steeplechase horse race but crossed the finish line, dead, on his horse named, “Sweet Kiss.” Hence, the phrase began, ‘Sweet Kiss of Death’ for the horse that never did race again.

1975 England: Alex Mitchell laughed to death watching a Britcom, overdosed on laughter by a heart attack. Though uncommon, death by laughter has been recorded as early as the 5th century with a BC Greek painter, Zeuxis, who died laughing at the humorous way in which he painted an old woman to 1989 when Danish Ole Bentzen reportedly laughed himself to death during the initial run of the film, A Fish Called Wanda.

Though out of the box thinking and quirky acts, the author is enthralled of the relevance in “Spooky” incidences based on historical facts with ‘oh my’ appreciative and empathetic thanks.

References: Season 1: The UnBelievable With Dan Aykroyd, The HISTORY Channel.

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