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{Photo Taken By The Author On A Warm Glorious Steamy Island Hopping Afternoon Around Captiva Island, Florida}

“Peaceful Contentment”

June 25, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Serene beauty is an alluring jaunt on mellow breezy boat hops between tropical islands when one relaxingly drops anchor to visit quaint favorite spots that gracefully matter.

Rustic yet lush in amazing scenery, being captivated by Captiva Island is a special place to be nestled in the Gulf of Mexico where creativity ignites and flows in Southwest Florida day or night with calm excite.

Overgrown with charm by fascinating species on land and sea, the narrow island is absent of hustle and bustle although plentiful with stillness and quietness to perceive living this salt life as the key.

Calming in the sun by biking for fun, jogging as a run or shell stooping for anyone, the isolated attributes of enchanting areas are gorgeous with island strips of short breathtaking distances that residences know of hidden beach accesses as gems secretly shared with friends for remarkable recesses.

Locals are comfortable in knowing a soothing time is exploring to find historical assemblages of artifacts on Captiva’s prevailed currents thousands of years ago that show evidence that formed the water’s slender land from sediments of sea level rise from the mainland and are factually backed categorically in line to be excitedly defined.

Muggy climate is divine for the ones who don’t mind humidity in the tropics to enjoy the laughter of the sweaty, sandy and salty topics displayed as a smiled upon banner.

Embracing restful bliss full of contentment and a peaceful spirited kiss surrounds Captiva Island secluded from crowds as inner harmony profoundly endows from the rising sunshine to the glistening moon as a spellbinding characteristic of this compelling island’s perfume.

While maintaining a positive outlook savoring the Florida lifestyle, severe threats of natural disasters are real to seriously render and are a devastating life-threatening significant strife to remember.

Throughout the magical oasis is a mystery of tranquil wonder and a jolt of spectacular joy as work and play become a reality buoy to be gratefully thankful every laid-back gifted day.

Enamored by changing ocean views and drifting tides of foamy waves that ride and alter in their glides are splendid in abundant sultry vibes that enhance one’s precious lifetime.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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