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“Clothes Lines”

July 12, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

For decades, items have been thrown over a rock, on top of grass, fastened around some sort of strand, spread across bushes for the sole purposes of parching or aromas to be pleasing.

Recalling the simplicities of childhood line-drying, the author often implements this practice at the beach for evaporating saltwater from towels, shells, hats or clothes with makeshift anchor twine and paddles or anything she can sturdily find for the sun to do its shine.

Many reasons are known for the clothes line to be secured between two points for the intent of planned design such as desiccating household supplies, food, photos, art and more galore.

In the old-fashioned eras leading up to this present day, the idea of grabbing a rope or cord of any kind has been fine to create a divider to suffice to be just right such as curtains, tablecloths or clothes to make the areas as a slider upon open and close.

One of the grandest motivations for the clothes line was a historical factual meaning by Anna Strong’s role in George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring.

Anna hung her laundry with a black petticoat on her clothes line at Strong Point in Setauket that was easily visible to relay signals to a courier who ran a whaleboat across Long Island Sound in New York to deliver notes for smuggling and military missions at a drop-box on a farm during a serious stint as a discreet coded form.

Anna was known as Nancy (her middle name) during this American Revolution as she was an attribution by adding a number of handkerchiefs for one of six coves where the courier would bring his boat for messages to be passed among a small group of supporters for information to be reported.

An intriguing short video of the famous first female spy, Anna, without anyone to deny can be viewed on this background clip, Visiting Anna Strong’s Gravesite – Culper Spy Ring that has a few amazing tidbits with an outstanding emotional grip.

When clothes lines are used as a thought through or impromptu in today’s world, they are purled with distinct usages of a significant history past by each participant in its real-life cast.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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