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“Sweet Amour” April 13, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds An ample hungry morning appetite can be in beautiful sight when one touches and frolics in the crystal blue oceans to stir notices in recognizing natural inner chirpy sunlight with strong confidence along the day’s plentiful path to indubitably perceive everything will be swimmingly alright. Be awakened… Read More »Abundant


“Due Diligence” December 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Help sustain the precious planet to survive with pristine accountability and responsibility. Keep unpolluted paradise places as all areas in the world from being touched by direct and voluntary magnified pollution. Make profound differences with simple actions in everyday routines with high regard in due diligence. Impactful… Read More »Action


“Encouraging Spirit” December 30, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Building a place to go forward to be safe with valued experiences tucked as fervor armor can be the belief in unknowns while intertwining pieces are designed as new masterpieces. Develop optimistic outlooks when Mother Nature takes away what was once a precious space to stay and… Read More »Admire


“Unplanned Ways” March 24, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Steering off course, unintentionally in the mystic, sometimes makes one magically and spiritually discover a sweet life unexpectedly transformed into an adroitly electrifying life-altering, liberating positive mystery. Changing environments from a real loving fairytale that was once thought of dreams to have come true but decades later… Read More »Adroitly


“Strangers Become Friends” March 31, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Turn a creative block into an energized groove with enthusiasm, alertness and rejuvenated imaginative savvy. As there are endless letters in the alphabet to form significant words to configure bountiful senses into sentences, so are creative ideas to revive positive, motivated talents and experiences. Venture a… Read More »Affable


“Aquatic Tapestries” March 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Though there are multiple opinions about what is relevant or valuable in an environmental life, the author chooses to abide by Shakespeare’s extraordinary way with the sentimental phrase, “Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye” in the comical yet cognitive play, “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” as an… Read More »Affinity


“Sustainable Influence” July 13, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Two days ago, the California-based carbon transformation company that makes essential products from air, Twelve, broke ground in Eastern Washington at Moses Lake for their facility to begin e-jet fuel production in mid-2024. Founded in 2015, Twelve uses revolutionary chemical technologies for the climate era. Twelve implements… Read More »Air


“One Life” February 16, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Smile naturally. Uplift with compassion. Laugh instinctively. Treasure a kindred soul. Dance whenever, wherever. Savor senses abound. Believe in God’s grace. Think before talking. Feel alive. Express with kindness. Pass down traditions. Act with willing action. Live as the last breath. Deserve to dream. Touch with emotions.… Read More »Alive


“Author’s Prayer” June 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Dear Jesus, Who I intimately adore, Please show me where to go, Within your safeguarded arms I roam, On this Earth forever more, While I faithfully await, For you to take, Me to your heavenly home. In sweet Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. “The Lord himself goes… Read More »Almighty


“Sweet Thing” February 3, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Love for the ocean is the serotonin on foamy touched waves as the author relishes daily inspiration with positive motivation in high marine blue-green emotion. An insight of a salty blast of aquatic whitecapped dopamine is a sipped sweet thing from the sun kissed skin as the… Read More »Ambrosial


“Examine Essence” November 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Distinguishing components is a process for prudent substance to scrutinize with kind confidence and mindful optimistic apprise in ease. Various meanings have significant constructive functions that can be surveyed with pressure to lead to inconceivable, life-changing pleasure. Examine essential elements of essence methodically and systematically with sustainable… Read More »Analyze


“Mystical Guidance” May 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Adorned with her intentional presence is the radiant passage for him to have detected a brim of sparks to bloom and soon, to be respected. Noble is this heavenly messenger sent from above to enlighten his stillness that was meant with purpose as the dove. Guiding his… Read More »Angelic


“Meilleurs Voeux” March 29, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Pause to pray. Certain reasons are to stay or lead to dismay. Relationships can be far away. Distance of miles is a sweet bouquet today. Yet, anticipations vanished in disappointed disarray. Turn the chapter forward from the fence of grey. Closed eyes, once, to see the dream.… Read More »Angels


“Views That Spark” September 24, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Spurring intrigue to fascinate is enticing to pursue curiosity at sight that affectionately excites. Pursuing an alluring attraction with expression is a pleasing and enchanting temptation. Conveying an appealing scenery in a relaxing setting is inviting one to stay and check out the fond display. Presenting… Read More »Appealing


“Identifying Dignity” February 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds As far back as the first documented ovation in the third century B.C. from the works of Roman playwright, Plautus, specifically in the play Casina, concluded with the word plaudite, which was a directive for the audience to applaud or clap. Though the ancient Romans had set… Read More »Applause


“Welcomed Noise” March 1, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Though the seaplane was first patented in 1876, this incredible water aircraft was flown in World Wars I and II while its development took off with popularity ever since with practical usages of applied marine sense. Among the optimistic euphoria of historical facts about versatile seaplanes, there… Read More »Appreciate


“Time Well Spent” January 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Any place at any time there is a jewel in time well spent to relax, ponder and give thanks. Believing deserves a valued cognizant devotion to dedicate action toward wise decisions and essential provisions. Perplexing situations seem clear when priorities are aware to wait with faith,… Read More »Apprised


“Look Inside” December 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds A distinctive hallmark perception is to admire the inside with playful capability and ability. To smile with a chuckle and enjoy what may is truly an adventure of glee for everyone to say. Though perceived through the eyes of the beholder, pursue eclectic ideas to recall beauty… Read More »Art


“Poem To Music To Song” December 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds ‘Tis the season with every “Silent Night” to express peace and kindred reflections. May the calming melody of “Silent Night” tenderly sooth souls throughout the renewed holiday into every day of the New Year. Shining across trials to hope and understanding for culture unity,… Read More »Articulation


“Ambitions To Achieve” April 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Recognizing lovely individuals of April birthdays with attributes of beauty and grace. Encouraging others as one of many traits of those born in April symbolizes their loyalty and friendship at a steady pace. Acknowledging the Shasta daisies and sweet peas as the two known April flowers… Read More »Aspirations


“Present Strength” March 31, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds As high tides invite surfers like the author to freely glide the clear blue crests, she delights in the salty sea frolic of foamy sand as low tides softly relax her to ease into the night in a peace within to give glory as affirmation in recognition… Read More »Assurance


“Describing Oneself” November 28, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Art is attention to detail for influencing senses. Descriptions in images, words or sounds create an instant attraction. Brilliantly focusing on talents to drift into enjoyment and imagination. Inactive musical instruments can be repurposed for enlightening, innovative entertainment. Playing the piano or artistically painting the piano displays… Read More »Attention


Warmth Of Early Morning Beach Splashes Upon The Author’s Barefoot Feet Is Her Routine Along The White Sandy Shoreline Walk Revealing The Imagery Exquisitely Approaching As Waves Soon Turn Into Her Surfing Crest Spots On Crystal Blue Kissed Aqua Dew In The Rising Sun To Ride Shredding Swirls To Continue Imparting In Salty Sultry Fun.… Read More »Aurora


“Genuinely Feeling” March 21, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Snatch the lovely soprano Ukulele and head to the open field where blossoms meet the vibes to musically yield. Feel the wind gently blow through one’s hair and strum the small guitar with distinctive flair. Scamper barefoot among the earth with the fundamental worth of essence to… Read More »Authentic


“Sweet Melodies” October 26, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Become aware of beauty all around with gratifying feelings abound and glorious senses to hold and unfold. Receive with pleasure the action to intake a marvelous respite in the day’s created break. Uplift faith in the love for life with careful astute in every aspect of miraculous… Read More »Awaken


“Being Hungry In America” November 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Food insecurity can be long term or temporary due to many factors as a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life. Some reasons could be affecting the family’s income, employment, natural disasters, unforeseen… Read More »Awareness


“Turning Tides” October 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Follow the poised path to courageously roam that will lead one home. Soft, medium, fast or slow, what matters is how the drift goes. Live for each grateful day as the sun will hopefully rise with another gifted prize. An adventurous awe of life’s moments is respectfully… Read More »Awe


“Living With Thanksgiving” July 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Plan to beach the sunny day with a barefoot attitude to include gratitude for another blessed year to be around and Alive with laughter and smiling cheer. While hanging out on the hammock as the seagulls shout, the gentle wind will be really sticky to cool… Read More »Barefoot


“Creative Cadence” October 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds An emergence between what was to what is planned is hoped to be positively said. With many meanings of beginnings, keep the optimistic start as an honest trend singing as a melodic inside harp. Ensure kindness is in one’s heart that will encouragingly gain to delightfully restart.… Read More »Beginnings


“Garnish Now” January 1, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Embrace treasured moments with delightful ravish to not take life for granted amidst every refreshed dawn to purposeful dusk. Garnish astonishing observations with meaningful perceptions that can be dramatically impressive and reminiscently pensive. Survey esteemed gazes to drift off in pleasurable future hazes while letting go of… Read More »Behold


“Leap Of Faith” July 24, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds  Spend time with dear ones, new acquaintances, wherever one goes, whoever one meets, whether the distance is carefully high, low, short or long to glide happily and courageously strong. Dignify one’s honesty to remember with fondness in supporting and understanding in gracious praise and gratefulness through… Read More »Believe


“Hold Close” November 29, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Feel the smile forming in sensing everything’s going to be okay. Seek the journey to find paradise in everyday life. Hold close to tightly know where one’s heart is to stay. Believe in hope in the soul with God’s filter to provide shelter. Realize belonging is to… Read More »Belonging


“Expose Juxtapose” September 19, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Unstable storms can become the finest stable qualities that emerge to be the norms as positive abilities. Tears of fears that crash from a disastrous past can merge into a phenomenal optimistic diverge to be diligently alert, searched and significantly, outspokenly heard. To willingly change with fervor… Read More »Best


“Guilt Tripping” April 8, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Prevail to be strong and brave to push through the perturbed middle of a trialed crest wave to sail through graciously, successfully, thankfully and vigorously to generously enable fortitude with gratitude. Life sometimes brings circumstantial situations that must be grasped as precautions when one is inflicted by… Read More »Beware


Wishing Holiday Cheer, Happiest Ever New Year “Christ-Mass” December 20, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating The Precious Savior, Jesus Christ Relish Melodies Delighting In Mind And Soul Treasure Each Moment In Exquisite Detail Hold On To Unforgettable Bliss Create Times To Recall With Smiles To Enthrall Give Thankfully And Graciously With Love Forever Easily Let… Read More »Blessings


“Brilliant Hairy Idea” December 24, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Though hair mats have been researched, tested and implemented for decades, the brilliant blotting idea to soak up oil and chemical spills with ecofriendly mats made from human hair and animal fur are gaining emergence to benefit the delicate earth’s environment. NASA has reported to have… Read More »Blotting


“Courageously Bold” March 20, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Life can swerve and pull in situations while emotions curve topsy-turvy but to be steadfast in the midst of an optimistic fundamental mindset of valuing precious time of surroundings courageously, one can energetically recall and tap into the inner grit to be strong and bold, caring with… Read More »Brave


“Unexpected Evacuation” January 20, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A Breath. A Moment. Taken Away. What Was Is Gone. No Human Control. Live. Breathe For The Breath. Unexpected Natural Experiences. Serious Aftermath Months Later. Life Is Unpredictable. Forced Into Dangerous Situations. Evacuations Are Reality To This Day. Struggles Continue. Hurricane Ian’s Impact Is Still Alive. USA… Read More »Breathe


“Imparting Art” May 6, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Cheerfully immerse oneself into life to expect abilities that might emerge to go up, down, sideways and every which away unexpectedly as one endures submerging in urging growing expansion but with innate buoyant attitudes can turn exerts into prized upward successful determinations in a balance state of… Read More »Buoyancy


“All Is Well” January 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Tranquil in peace and quiet to be thankful for blessings in surroundings. Calming affections in serene beauty without tension or hesitation. Arranging pure joy with heartfelt giving to share intricate moments living. Celebrating harmony knowing there is a reason for All Is Well in every season.… Read More »Calming


“Chasing Life” June 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Smile during the frolic in the sandy shores of foam that is symbolic of fun in the warm sun and cheerfully feels like home. Hum sweet tunes for pretty days to be in the present along the way with thankful praise at the seas’ spirited gaze. Sing… Read More »Caper


“Behold Beauty” December 31, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Sunrises and sunsets are gifts from God from his hands of creation for beauty to behold. Through a challenging year of experiencing and surviving the Eye of Hurricane Ian and within weeks later, severe devastation from Hurricane Nicole, there persists a sense of belonging to this gorgeous… Read More »Captivating


“Forever Young” November 9, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Acknowledging beautiful admiration for every moment of breath taken to express happiness and joy for living through each miraculous gifted occasion. Celebrating November birthdays with optimistic hope at every age to attain amazing perspectives embraced while cherishing beloved relationships and endearing friendships. Honoring every generation to pass… Read More »Celebrating


“Kinda Sorta” January 29, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Open one’s mind to a risk, perhaps, but realize certainty will be optimistically attained in the uncertainty with a positive mindset gained with peaceful eagerness and calm contented bliss. Whether true or correct, one could pursue the probable possibility in magnificent genuine epistemic sanguine aspects of epic,… Read More »Certainty


“Be The Voice” April 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Someone who might be in need today could use a confidant to say, “Everything is going to be okay.” Help guide with compassion to understand the holding pattern of situations causing frustrations. Listen to every word as one explains, though the phrases could be blurred. Anxiety… Read More »Champions


“Twisting Fate” March 22, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds “Take A Chance On Me,” extends the welcome with the author to write with serendipity of one’s feelings, emotions and experiences of wonder in splendor, explore or recall journeys to share or future anticipations to be adventured as destiny could be a twist of fate not to… Read More »Chances


“Endearing Endurance” July 18, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Through the rough storms that are endured, a calmness will emerge in the turn that directly impacts the patience discovered in the wait for reliable and trustworthy guidance. A stirred soul makes the heart pound faster, yet, will deflate to the normal rate as the relief from… Read More »Change


“Human Interaction” November 18, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds At the age of knowing the difference between right from wrong, there is a right of passage to live by kind choices that are naturally bestowed with generosity and honesty. A lifetime of treasured and endeared core values shower from these loving original characters in respecting society.… Read More »Cheerfulness


“Every Sunrise To Sunset” May 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Give every waking moment a purpose with enriched service. Relish every sweet glance with a kind and caring loving stance. Whiff every appealing smell with delight to experience the flavor to favor. Admire every creative melody with extraordinary harmony from the morning to the night… Read More »Cherish


“Rise And Shine” June 30, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Before the sun rises to ignite the anticipated elevated day one can positively inwardly say a happy feeling will be full of vigor with an upbeat jig to trigger smiles as bare feet slide for miles along the shelly long shoreline of gorgeous glow and mystic… Read More »Chirpy


“Writing Tools” December 10, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds  Documenting stories, journaling, doodling, artistic drawings, inventive projects, old-fashioned letters, elegant calligraphy are a few examples of displaying explanations in written forms that are critical in cultures to celebrate. Several resourceful and common practicalities are abundant to choose the favorite go-to writing device with endless opportunities. Selecting… Read More »Choices


“Perceiving Clearly” November 13, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Cyber mystery can be a quandary with everyday monitoring, yet, intricate weariness can be justified due to the spurious. Protecting oneself might be investing in a VPN; otherwise, one might need a trustworthy techy quick RN. Fasten a vast knowledge of the orbit unknown might be wise… Read More »Clarity


“Simply Elegant” October 19, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Imaginations are sparked with classical compositions. Beautiful musical variations can be calming. Experiences can be enjoyed listening to expressive ballads. Worries disappear in the noted wonders. Attend blissful performances or admire over the air. Moods are improved and muddled thinking can be clarified. Written books can become… Read More »Classic


“Blue Skies” August 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A bright sunshining day faithfully matters to enjoy a happy mood to stay. There is an arched rainbow that will say hello as a magnificent glistening show. Dark clouds turn into blue skies for smiles to take flight and relish the exhilarating glide. Worries disappear when the… Read More »Clear


“Life Rewinds” September 20, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Though the engine might be puckered about, there will always be hope to keep trying anew even if one is plum tuckered out. Moving slowly with a dragging trudging might be the medicine for the positive gumption to keep the gliding sputtering. Some predicaments might seem to… Read More »Coasting


“Walk In Their Shoes” March 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds There are occasional circumstances necessary to go through while trying to understand various lessons in all senses. While walking in shoes of life, experiences are chucked full of compassion to emphasize a positive mindset expansion. One life shoe might fit a bit lighter to comprehend,… Read More »Cognize


“Art Of Play” May 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Often, relationships can be a game of artful and euphoria play like the Slinky. New acquaintances can be fun at the start equivalent to the Slinky while winding down to eventually be bored or stored. Mechanically the pair can be moving along as a token of… Read More »Coiled

Coin Charmant

“Lovely Nook” March 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds An alluring comfy spot that brings joy to the heart and beautiful peace to inwardly start. A romantic scene that becomes a memorable sanctuary even if scary or temporary. An alcove of pondering thoughts to be nurtured to creatively be furthered from unnoted to noted. A secluded… Read More »Coin Charmant


“Moving Forces” July 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds When one witnesses power in the ocean, there are emotions that surface eventually or suddenly. Two moving waves crashing with forces colliding and passing through each other is an astronomical phase to remarkably gaze. Wonder is in the air as solid crests smash with impact while the… Read More »Collide


“Simple Luxury” June 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Comprehending the more you let go, the more you get is a realization of bliss. Peaceful is the inner soul, listening to gentle spilling drifts of ocean sounds softly roll. Seagulls quietly squawk overhead as the scene is their garden of a bountiful marine homeland. Exquisite happiness… Read More »Comfort


“Sustaining Life On Earth” December 7, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Islands and communities are sinking due to natural disasters and aftermath of devastation to survive that literally affect lives of sea level rise. Improve importance and cohesively collaborate intelligence in innovation, technology, space exploration, ocean conservation, marine resources, vertical viable farming and a thriving versatile… Read More »Compassion


“Elastically Relaxed” March 25, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Ingest life’s tough fabric lightheartedly to halt the worry or fret to view a positive outlook, for within a new day, those minutes will definitely be gone and not worth the weighting of afflicted energetic idle sweat or regret. Repose to compose exuberant emotions that lead to… Read More »Compelling


“Harmoniously Compassionate” May 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Recognizing the passionate individuals of May birthdays with trustworthy attributes of integrity and positivity. Celebrating their balanced uplifting traits of being smart and dynamic as life is genuinely perceived optimistic. Honoring generous individuals born in May who have the privilege to be associated with the peaceful life-affirming… Read More »Congruous


“Disappearing In Climate Shifts” November 6, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Public awareness is peaking the scales of climate crisis in the world. Landscapes, people, animals, agriculture, architecture, lifestyles are disappearing. Due to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, climate change and global warming are resulting from decades of human activities and industries of burning… Read More »Consequences


“Cause And Effect For All To Connect” December 3, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Too Good To Go is an influential mobile application that connects customers to bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores that have surplus stock of unsold food for patrons to purchase at an outstanding discount to save money for their family food budget. This… Read More »Consider


“Guided Joy And Peace” December 24, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds Wherever we are this Holiday Season, Whether we are across the room or across many miles, May we have Joy in our Hearts, Peace in our Minds and Laughter Overflowing. From our Magical Seas to Magnificent Continents, May we keep the Little Things Close And Safe Health Wide, With our inner Compass Guiding Steadfast Dreams and Cherished Daily Treasures. Reflect,… Read More »Contentment


“Pleasantly Friendly” August 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Any source of travel that brings joy to unravel is a praised embrace to relax in every scenic glance with an extended unexpected chance. Sensations flow naturally to express an impromptu confess to the certain one with an amiable affectionate glee of genuine soft cheery intimate energy.… Read More »Convivial


“Gazing Graces” October 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Silly wishing in the daylight makes daydreams alright. Discover how far to go if one doesn’t know. Quench curiosity with gentle generosity. Pause in countryside escapades to embrace romantic gazing graces. Tripping the skinny to get lost in life’s love is superbly sung in this ditty, “Moss,”… Read More »Countryside


“Strength Going Forward” March 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Sometimes when situations seem stressful and unsettling with overburden and cloudiness, the key to breaking away from the dismay was right inside all along. Allow the brightness with kindness shine and positively play life with worthiness to oneself and others. Inspired by the valuable scripture in… Read More »Courageous


“Living Life” December 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Thoughtfully invest time in oneself to give willingly and entirely to others. Strive with excellence to reveal intricate steadfast core values. Conduct persistent form with uplift to evaluate favorable and productive outcomes. Build character to keep sorted inwardly to shine outwardly. Add history to moments lived each… Read More »Curate


“Beware To Be Aware” October 13, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cyberspace can be sneaky. Beware of online danger with caution. Be alert with regular practices to follow impactful world wide web protective routines. Be aware how to stay safe on the internet with informed knowledge and perceptions. Among various security… Read More »Cybersecurity


“Feel The Park” May 19, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Relish mornings to give uplifting spirits throughout the day to savor every day. Take the sunshine to awake the rainbow bend over the head as one goes ahead. Play beautiful melodies with precious memories of a past to a future that will be nurtured. Dance along… Read More »Days


“Vibrant Wonderment” June 16, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Suddenly colors appear out of nowhere that form a symbolic rainbow to give an enthusiastically hopeful glow. Though drenched after a rainstorm, clouds slowly break when looking up that touches the heart to see dazzle sparkle in the sky with amazed blessed eyes. Watching the tide change… Read More »Dazzle


“Taking Time” September 18, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Think to take time to think. Motivate with meditation. God knows situations, answers before help is asked. Implement abilities with attention. Seek Godly decisions for His instruction. God Himself is the wisest counsel for guidance. Listen, obey, heed and perceive His direction. Lead paths ahead with Christlike… Read More »Decisions


“Impressive Imprints” February 11, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Wonders Of Love—See To Sea. Imagine the depth of instinct capabilities to design an artistic 6-week masterpiece pattern at the deep seafloor to draw attention to a mate. Magical and miraculous. Continue to marvel by the intricate beauty, determination and creativity of the Pufferfish to construct ornate… Read More »Decorations


“Believing With Conviction” November 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds There are blessings in knowing eternal destiny awaits. Assurance is given with confidence in every proclamation God grants. Personal salvation is a gift from Jesus Christ who died for all sins. Living a peaceful life of spiritual aura describes a genuine caring and kind livelihood. Entrusting… Read More »Destiny


“Willing Strength” November 18, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A strange conversation years ago is remembered by the author who was laughed at and ridiculed for slicing plastic rings at work to recycle. Being a willing advocate for environmental change endures strength, grit and determination to stand on one’s beliefs with knowledge gained and reasoning purpose… Read More »Determination


“Gripping Reality” September 18, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Consider a balanced life in a busy world, professionally and personally. Survey a gripping reality for peace and joy without drama in all areas. Gain experience in exciting locations, countries, companies with only clicks away. Flex and relax into a realistic digital approach to work styles with… Read More »Diligent


“Motivated Intent” February 12, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Tomorrow is a new start for harmony and peace to stay. Kindle relationships with a melodic savor to last forever. Notice the direction of the birds to follow cherished feelings that are heard. Create experiences from a G-minor chord to a calming G-major to adore. Tuck the… Read More »Direction


“Repurposing Seaweed” December 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Surfacing ecological news has been excitingly publicized worldwide for Notpla being announced recently as the winner of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize in the category of Build A Waste-Free World. The Earthshot Prize is the world’s most prestigious and ambitious environmental prize to reward innovative projects addressing climate… Read More »Disappearance


“Finding You” September 10, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Sometimes one has a fancy to travel. Seek wonders. Explore adventures. Uncover precious meanings. Practice patience. Chase curiosities. Surrender to one’s faith. Blessed assurance awaits. Uphold Godly values with His trust. Discover what is closest. In front, in the heart, all along. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.… Read More »Discovering


“Seriously Real” February 21, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Strongly recommend taking time to read this article and book, The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration by Jake Bittle that is a realistic factual perspective of how climate change activity continues to displace Florida residents due to Hurricane aftermaths. Loving Florida as a Floridian myself,… Read More »Displacement


“Tender Reflections” July 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A visionary trait with positive practicality is a vivid dreamy restful state that resonates a quiet demeanor of an inner spot-on character with a soothing spirit to inherit every lovingly gifted minute. Sentimental attention to one’s surroundings might react as a gasp to pensive reflections with tender… Read More »Dreamy


“Melodious Passions” March 19, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Delighting in emotional symphonies that softly sway in soothing rays of sunny days could spark congenial ways of expressive compassion that could lead to honeyed embraces bursting with genuine, desired passion. As meadowlarks perch to sing morning serenades, one could take time in a writing flowing light… Read More »Dulcet


“Bright Ideas” June 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Administering virtual skills on the go is to recognize ethics will be first place to chase accomplish goals in trusted roles. Digitally thinking out of the box creates bright ideas to pursue with confidence for salient contracts to renew with valuable essence of secured anew. Eagerly solidify… Read More »Eagerness


“Grateful Purposes” November 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Embrace a slow pace to be amazed at that glorious specific place. Value one day at a time to joyfully reflect with cheerful please to feel extraordinarily at ease. Hope with faith while holding on to a cherished life to behold, told and individually wrote. Find one’s… Read More »Ease


“Explore Pace” March 3, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Get physical to smile, laugh and giggle along the ocean’s shoreline to repeat the excitement in Florida’s humid bright sunshine. Feel sensations cycling in the sand to further adventure riding the brine’s waves in one’s hand of liberating joy as the salt wafts in the air forever… Read More »Ebullience


“Changing Narratives” October 29, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Organic backgrounds can connect unusual stories. Uniformity becomes non-existent with beautiful diversity. Promote life by living a life, doing activities in life for the greater good. Create attainable importance in meaningful environments. Initiate eclectic styles with given resources and affordability. Mix templates that implement abstract normality. Negotiate… Read More »Eclectic


“Activate Dreams” February 18, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Experiencing exaltation in phases of ages, one can relate to feelings of exhilaration with glowing remembrance as the heart will pitter patter with intense flutter and eagerness. Though achievements are vast, from staying under the yardstick marked height as a child to be allowed for a carnival… Read More »Ecstatic


“Joy In Heart”  December 16, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Vibrant melodies of sounds engulf imagination of each note into words, memories or exulting experiences. Even vibrations of delightful oscillations can be enjoyed from glorious compelling motions. A great sense of elation can be felt through ingenious talents of exhilarating rhythmic journeys. Being extremely overjoyed to… Read More »Elation


“Sea And Life” February 1, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Oceans can be mesmerizing to watch the calmness and the magnificent marine inhabitants in and around the vast waters yet frightful and sometimes deadly with their dormant strength. Certainly, elements of the seas can change within moments, parallel to living life. Circumstances test to reveal wise… Read More »Elements


“Keep A Song In Your Heart” February 8, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds What does this mean to you? What’s your song today? As an old saying in many interpretations, I believe this is a powerful and peaceful inner confidence with strength and joy to hold on to cheerful thoughts, emotions and faith. Delight in a… Read More »Embrace


“Extended Reality” March 31, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds A flourishing virtual and physical extended reality (XR) together, are burgeoning with a digital world of belonging, creativity, meaning, personal and professional space. Fortunate advances with innovations emerge in the XR influx where technology meets life like avatars in creative digital communities. Get ready, get set, go!—grab… Read More »Emergence


“Quality Time” March 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Splendid qualities are in the delicate softness of breaking up the day in a noticeable way. Positioning the tea to display prominent content in an esteemed context is particularly whimsical yet analytical. Illustrating an admired scene reaches out as a sense of mindful alertness to exchange stress… Read More »Eminent


“Strong Passions” July 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Bold, Courageous, Endurance, Strong. Caring, Enthusiasm, Faith, Kindness. Go Through What Needs To Be Gone Through. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and like the posts submitted with faith, inspiration, news and education. Graciously… Read More »Emotions


“Quality Of Life” January 28, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Perceiving someone’s point of view can be a learning process with passion and strengthened in predicaments involving one’s pride to sustain happiness to evolve in grateful humbleness and thankfulness. As an inspiring mind of a devoted Californian educator, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus ignited and imagined empathy… Read More »Empathy


“Eye To Eye” July 12, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds On a hot humid beautiful day anchored close to the shore of Anna Maria Island, Florida the author was relishing an inner euphoria alone at the bow of the boat and noticed a calmness in the air that was unexpectedly about to be changed and shared.… Read More »Encounter


“Ultimate Friendship” November 6, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Encouragement is the comforted assurance God will motivate with inspiration. God chooses to be everyone’s friend with plans for only the best. Someone can save someone’s life. God saves souls. Persevere to keep going knowing God created everything. God invites everybody to become His friend. Attributes of… Read More »Encourager


“Uplifting And Practical” April 13, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Work changes like the ocean. Work toward productivity, accomplishments and delightful victories. Work is not constant. Work mandates with essential due diligence and cautionary preventative measures. Work carefully to access, assess and attain imperative benefits. Work should be ever changing and always shifting with energy. Work… Read More »Energy


“Seven Senses” December 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Participating in the seven senses is a remarkable sea sensation to literally experience one’s body unite with the salt in every aspect quick or slow with exalt through balance (vestibular center), hearing, movement (proprioception as kinesthesia), sight, smell, taste and touch while never ridiculed or judged. Consuming… Read More »Engaging


“Respecting Hope And Peace” January 2, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds When strolling the beach and discover a sand dollar, magnificent luck happens with mystic outcomes. It is known that the sand dollar represents the story of Christ with hope and peace. Though a sand dollar is a small creature, its finding is a spectacular marvel. The… Read More »Enigma


“Cheerfulness” February 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds What is the most important activity that will happen today? Make the hours count as simple or complex by looking up with elated joy in accomplishments. Each day brings pause and value to enrich others from sunrise to sunset. Curiosity is overflowing with how many of us are… Read More »Enthusiasm


“Visualizing Possibilities” December 12, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Admiring a picture is a moment of capturing a gorgeous perception.  Meanings of intentions are bountiful and precious to solely understand. Instant glances of a snapshot manifests into diverse clearer realizations to recall with reverence. Breathtaking scenes of original views are amazing possibilities to mystically be seen… Read More »Envision


“World Love” October 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Under strain or stress, a kind, calming state is the best. Regardless of what stems unexpectedly, there is a shower of hope in everything to cling with belief up above as the tendency is to give love. Balance the stability of temperamental equanimity for peace and tranquility.… Read More »Equanimity


“Educated Enlightenments” March 14, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Grip life with exquisite minutes of adventure to optimistically seek grit in every accomplishment even through mistakes that can roll into witty enlightenments of educated insightful concepts. Search to obtain knowledge as vigorously as an airplane smoothly lands on an exuberantly illuminated night’s runway when ideas click… Read More »Erudition


“Environmental Creed” December 12, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Embrace the future by adapting climate solutions to the existing climate crisis before evaporating invasions of human hands that may dissolve the result to a catastrophic end. Implementing further involvement with active support to protect the weak Earth’s environment is espousing the compassion to sustain its natural… Read More »Espouse


“Gentle Virtual Reminders” August 1, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Qualities of fundamental manners qualify to be mindful of environments both in person and virtual with consideration, respect and integrity. Virtual meetings are here to stay with trends increasing in every profession; planned or impromptu. Though virtual could remain without video, there are certainly instances that… Read More »Etiquette


“Melt In Sweetness” December 7, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Awe, the happy feeling of pausing to smell warm cookies right out of the oven. Colorful, enticing morsels of joy uplift the soul with optimistic emotional experiences. Varied designs spark anticipation to relax with a melting sweetness full of satisfaction. A perfect little cake to be… Read More »Euphoria


“Sentiment Pleasantries” September 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Admiring couples with praise are heavenly as they show their extol with passionate enthusiasm without sarcasm. Elevating friendship into a lover’s shaped escape are notions of cognition with sentiment and intuition. Pleasantly respecting the honor in the midst of a tryst is unmistakably alluring when evoking ravishing… Read More »Exalt


“Beautiful Days” December 23, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Holidays are here that will become treasured reflections of yesteryear. Experience life by really living with optimistic attitudes and moralistic thanksgiving. Gratefully acknowledge moments in the present to reminisce delightful, intended components. Hold on to liberated feelings of familiar contentment with friendly peaceful complement. Encounter independence of… Read More »Exhilaration


“Intensive Outcomes” July 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Encourage education to take effective action in sustaining all manifestations of the Earth’s future. The universal grid changes daily. What is known to see, will be what was, as a memory. Scenes of present views are eventually past impressions. Advocate intensive outcomes as a valued exponent of… Read More »Exponent


“Provoking Emotion” May 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Demonstrations of spectacular intentions illustrate earthly presentations to provoke telling aspirations. Indications of vivid actions with meaningful reveal effectively result in clear beauty expressively. Purposeful planning for a characteristic of emotional enchanting showcases open gestures of nature. Reasonable ideas are endless to convey pleasurable profound statements of… Read More »Expressive


“Behold The Rose” June 6, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating National Rose Month with bows and pose. 1986 was the year the rose was elegantly proclaimed as the national flower of the United States with its intense grace. President Ronald Reagan officially certified the rose in the White House Rose Garden for awareness and appreciation.… Read More »Fascination


“Sensing Captivation” January 25, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Recognizing dangers yet demonstrating calmness by being mentally strong was delightful in capturing a mystic adventure that resonated forever. Admiring the fun to pursue the courageous experience within was phenomenal as the author faced the exquisite, beautiful race of every wave as an advanced place in the… Read More »Fearless


“Nurture Passion” November 22, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Cultivate relationships toward a thankful humble spirit. Dance in the sand with a friendly whimsical flip flop attitude. Enjoy the minutes of contagious smiles and positivity. Appreciate God’s peaceful presence within and in others. Roll with expressive intense vibes with fervor, pure happiness. Recognize overflowing gratitude with… Read More »Fervor


“Celebrate A Celebration” June 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Rejoice. Have Fun. Start Planning. National Leon Day!  Glory, Majestic, Joy! June 25 every year marks the exact halfway point in the year to Christmas. Only 25 more weeks, 183 more days as the countdown to glorious praise in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Leon… Read More »Festivities


“Look Up” April 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds To discover a profound childhood memory is a faithful recall of pleasant days in full color. To drop in for a recent visit instantly guides the eyes to look up and recognize glory in the heart. To find the country church standing strong with the steeple reassures… Read More »Find


“Work Without Guilt” December 28, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Explore professional opportunities in the virtual world with productivity, high regard and energy. Work in any atmosphere whenever to conduct business with dynamic tenacity and intense success. Embrace freedom in a career outside of an enclosed squashed hollow cubicle or office dictatorial pocket to pursue responsible… Read More »Flexibility


“Embrace Unknowns” January 12, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Anticipating roaring weather that was recently approaching, was a jumble in the rumble as tornadoes were touching down by the ocean’s edge made one to close her eyes to pause to pray and give praise to God to make a storm’s hedge. Predicting power to again go… Read More »Foretell


“Confidently Treading” June 3, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds If one has ever experienced being twirled in a rip current, the reaction is urgent, while trauma remains and lingers with mindful pains. A positive reflection of surviving an ordeal of this nature is the major reason for this story to reveal gained knowledge as quality inventory… Read More »Fortitude


“Precious Time” January 22, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Encountering an eye opener by the author along the Gulf of Mexico, was to realize danger can undergo an approach quickly to send miraculous prayers of safety knowing she was physically alone yet not angelically forgotten. Healing develops into steadfast calmness with prudent cautiousness. Forgive quickly with… Read More »Found


“Grateful Impact” July 4, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A modest step boarding a boat leads to a remarkable thought of a spectacular privilege to come and go on a whim with liberty to roam. Love for precious land of freedom is blessed to stand proud as a planted promise of guarantee for all to be… Read More »Freedom


“International Sisters’ Day” August 7, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds As young as childhood through middle to older age, there is a bond between sisters through trustworthy friendships. There is a security in the common thread of loyalty in sisterhood. This reciprocal go to sister confidant is reliable, positive, kind, cheerful, selfless to the core, genuinely… Read More »Friendship


“Lighthearted Play” July 28, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Successful learning is a positive attitude to really do something. Outcomes are bountiful when openly attempted. Adapt with lighthearted good times. Amuse in a supporting uplifting state of mind. Exalt in witty playful cheer with humor. Participate in honest happy days with friends. An ecstatic feeling will… Read More »Fun


“Gosh Darn” March 7, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Drifting, waiting, listening as one considers a variety of conditions of indirect errors that transpired into many oops to abandon with a triggered forward optimistic relinquish in rushed situational circumstances to dispense, is a famous phrase of No Man’s Land. Observing faux pas tactics as aftermaths of… Read More »Gaffe


“Embrace The Grace” September 29, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Take a breath to inhale a positive mental caress of inspiration. Embrace the grace when enthralled in the clasp of the chase. Sugared thoughts are gasped in this breathtaking song, “Hands To Heaven,” by Breathe where one should pounce on the announced for a love life’s… Read More »Gasp


“Abundant Qualities” November 1, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Give selflessness, wholeheartedly personally and professionally. Benefits include happier, healthier relationships. Generously ready to offer time of gifts and help. Bountiful improvements in characteristics and harmony. Provides guidelines for valued conduct. Delight in looking up with curiosity. Embrace daily wisdom with a kindred spirit. Be still in… Read More »Generosity


“Natural Simple Elegance” June 5, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating National Rose Month 1986 was the year the rose was elegantly proclaimed as the national flower of the United States when President Ronald Reagan officially certified the pretty gem in the White House Rose Garden. National Rose Month in June was chosen for the natural… Read More »Gentility


“Future Dreams” September 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Stay Young And Useful In Life At any age, influence with substance. Keep learning to grow. Keep loving with compassion. Keep laughing with joy. Keep leaving fret behind. Keep longing for future dreams. Keep doing the best in abilities. Keep laboring to make every day count. Keep… Read More »Gifts


“Quiet Enchantment” July 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds As the day fades along the shimmering shoreline, the magic of flickering shades bounces in slow movements to smoothly listen to gently tossed waves as they freely glisten. In the quiet of the early night, enchantment drifts in the soft light that glimmers in sight with a… Read More »Glisten


“Something Is Off” March 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Progresses through the day can be smoothly processed with elated productivity and high satisfaction but there is that specific snag or repeating experience of hitting a wall of unexpected situations that halt workflow or regular routines. Stuck in orbiting to fix malfunctions sure take time that… Read More »Glitches


“Giving Thanks” November 16, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds 1 Thessalonians 5:18 explains, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” When life is easy, thankfulness seems to be at ease. In situations of suffering, loss, trouble; look up and pray to give glory to the Lord. Predicaments… Read More »Glory


“Eager Anticipation” November 28, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Grasp for the magnificent gasp to guide the ride on every asymmetrical interchanging tide. Expect calmness mixed with moving unknown nautical peacefulness for an internal purpose to proceed as a willingness to pass the distance vigorously with advanced substance. Raise one’s hand softly, gently and keenly giving… Read More »Go


“Captivating Light” October 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds God’s grace, love and mercy are abundant. Stay in step in His Will, not ahead and not behind. Hum or sing the traditional heartfelt hymn, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” Focus on fascinating biblical scriptures that reveal comfort, peace and contentment. His guidance provides strength and… Read More »Grace


“Sweet Caring” November 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating blessings with purpose and grateful praise in the ocean’s tides and rides. Devoting time with remembrance and grace at the shoreline’s infinite foamy sandy place. Acknowledging goodness with thankfulness in the Lord’s creations that are given with reasons. Giving and receiving kindness with appreciated calmness is… Read More »Grateful


“Delighted Bliss” February 6, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Thankful for the people sent along one’s way to get where one is today. Contentment with inward enjoyment is to express delighted bliss. Gratified in scenic fruits of labor is quietly pleasing to savor. Working hard to cultivate the result gives gracious gratitude for all involved. Reflect,… Read More »Gratified


“Nurturing Spirit” April 3, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds An uplifting frame of mind to naturally grow, prosper, change positively and progress productively in activities to result in a nurturing, cheerful spirit. An ecstatic aspect to thrive personally and professionally. Embrace growth at any stage in any process. Hope this little insight reminder casts a boost… Read More »Growth


“He Reigns” March 28, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds In Praise This Easter Weekend, The Author Extends Blessings To All In God’s Grace Dignity prevails when courage changes one’s perspective to respect the honest truth that when one makes it through a situation by living through the yuck of inconceivable, what was once before can be… Read More »Hallelujah


“Plastic Detergent Jugs” January 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds In helping the environment for a sustainable future, Earth Breeze has delivered a green planet alternative with laundry detergent liquidless biodegradable laundry eco flat sheets as laundry detergent without the plastic detergent jugs. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Oregon by Jon Wedel, Earth Breeze has… Read More »Halt


“Positive Emotions” November 11, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Be fulfilled with joy. Discover exultation to enjoy. Be happy to smile. Treasure positive emotions all the while. Hum beats of the drum with heart. Play music, uplifting from the start. Be mindful and strong. Great blessings will come. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of… Read More »Happy


“Virtual Future Traditions” March 13, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds DBAs are molded, purged and merged amidst advanced improvements with the common denominator as the positive perception to change with changes. Progression will always be part of us. It’s how we choose the substance to be of substance. Virtual professionals remain to soar in high profile… Read More »Harmony


“Keep Strong” May 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Keep fun in your heart as your journeys sparkle with the sun, my sons. Keep letters penned with tenderness from Mom to elevate calm for you both, Winton and Tristan. Keep a healing mindset without regret. Keep your smiles light and joyfully bright. Keep following your dreams… Read More »Heart


“Playful Sea Cows” November 2, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds November is Manatee Awareness Month to honor the adorable cow referred marine mammals with majestic awe and wonder. This is a breathtaking annual opportunity to celebrate Florida’s state coastal mammal and raise awareness about the ongoing threats to playful manatees in their aquatic habitat. They are… Read More »Herbivores


“Pace Phases” March 9, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds At this precious moment, at this delicate time, at this new or previous place, at this present space, give thankful grace to lend an ear in selfless accord with others’ pace to shine in their stage to express their respected, creative engage. At this profound juncture, at… Read More »Hither


“Hold On” August 31, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Anticipate desires when expectations might be unexpectations amid clouded situations that eventually will flip into bright aspirations. Hope keeps life alive when one stays strong to survive, to know happiness will emerge to strive to thrive. With faithful foundation of blessings to everyone affected, prayers are valued… Read More »Hope


“Still Unimpressed” July 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Discovered a stuck in the muck. For years the author has not joined Facebook for personal reasons due to others’ treasons. Though there is the block feature to be safer, she preferred not to begin in that spin. Recently, however, the author was required to start a… Read More »Huh


“Living By Faith” January 9, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Humbleness is a quality of strength to provide importance in patience and integrity. Conditioning to rank others higher than oneself knowing life is imperfect is a secure testimony of confident sensibility. Practicing humility is a peaceful inner reward that transcends naturally outwardly. Asserting a quiet spirit… Read More »Humility


“Positive Mindset” March 1, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Awe. The flying carpet memories to clutch envisions to be visions. In a childhood circle at story time, the words of the book took nook. Dreams of anticipation hearing the magical places ignite imagination. Expanding creativity in worlds of positivity sync possibilities in poetic activity. Mystical mindsets… Read More »Imagination


“Transparent Yet Profound” April 22, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Help our planet all around to survive with pristine sustainability—not to continue this debris scene. Clean up community areas Conserve energy Drive less Educate about natural resources Plant trees for food and oxygen Reduce to reuse or recycle These ideas are just a few topics that… Read More »Impact


“Illuminated Peace” September 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds There are many beliefs in angels. Seeing or being entertained by angels. Gazing up to realize a black sky illuminated angels. Sighting a phenomenal star formation of angels. Beholding the silence of pure peace in the presence of angels. Giving gratitude to God for witnessing angels. Whimsically… Read More »Impressions


“Natural High” October 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Throughout the oceans in the world, spectacular miracles are purled to magnificently occur. Marveling at a majestical sunset brings hope to renew a new day without regret in every sunny Rae. Extraordinary scenes in the sky are a splendid natural high. Absorb the beauty of life’s remarkable,… Read More »Incredible


“Looking Into The Future” August 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Companies and professionals are committed to expand and sustain in the fascinating digital future that positively shape and reveal productive environments. Focusing on imperative statistics and evolving perspectives in the virtual world, an ongoing gravitation toward advanced technologies will continue to be rapidly developing as… Read More »Indicators


“Everlasting Impact” November 13, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Live A Salty Life With Brilliant Bright Light. Reflect on that one person who spiritually has or had the gift of joyous inspiration, refreshing and meaningful impressions. A stranger? A colleague? A family member? An educator? A friend? Oneself to others? How? Spoken words? Belief system? Writings… Read More »Influence


“Play” February 2, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds For all who like to smile and enjoy a chuckle. Still beautiful inside. Will always play. Pause. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and like the posts submitted with faith, inspiration, news and education. Graciously… Read More »Insight


“Squeezed Moments” October 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Melt in awesome glory in that point in time at that squeezed time to witness mysterious sublime. Visit the moments, the seconds, the minutes that spark the biggest magical spirit. Find a way to get to the way with an inner astute drive to resonate a positive… Read More »Instant


“Ethical Fairness” March 21, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Wherever one goes to repose or meditate to regulate a recharge, integrity is a practiced habit to cherish, abide by and walk in ethical fairness of positive, honest strides. To be good to oneself and others is an incredible pleasant givenness of spirit that brings extreme calmness… Read More »Integrity


“Insightful Mindsets” October 21, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds  Pursue abundant purposes with elated actions. Realize expected goals might exceed unexpected motivators. Shape uplifting intentions to be without intentions. Practice good will with humble kindness. Perceive refreshing aims to shift off course. Generate optimistic ideas with exhilaration. Learn with the growth of curiosity. Venture adventures to… Read More »Intentions


“Ratings” January 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Feedback is as critical as communicating for positive reinforcement with confidence and credence to advance and thrive in a viable world. Being considered as satisfactory abilities or improved capabilities based on others’ reactions can be a dismantling ego the first go round inside this process as part of… Read More »Interpretations


“Favorite Niche” June 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds One Step In Is Serene A slice of paradise to realize a favorite niche with honor is at the same spot to ponder a story plot for creative expressions of positivity and productivity. Valuable and dear to be so near to the captivating jewel of retreat to… Read More »Jewel


“Clever Carolers” December 1, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Though the sweepstakes ended in November 2022 for a chance to win a personal and live morning singing performance by The Jimmy Dean Sausage Sunrise Carolers, holiday cheer is still available by listening to their adorable songs at We Wish You A Merry Morning. For over 50… Read More »Jingles


“High Spirited” February 15, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Though one can only arrive at Cabbage Key Island in Southwest Florida by boat or seaplane, full delight is an energetic happiness to discover and enjoy the magic with lively, relaxed inner enthusiasm without any traffic, combustion or intrusion. Island hopping is extraordinary in Southwest Florida closely… Read More »Jocund


“Electrifying Exhilaration” May 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Chase elations in optimistic strengths to achieve goals in honest triumphs for one can pursue outstanding joys in seeking accomplishments without fear, hassle or tussle by diligently securing extraordinary opportunities abundantly with clear precise rewarding revere. Through entertaining fun activities one can discover celebrations in jolly merriments… Read More »Jollity


“Explore Life’s Ride” October 16, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Enthusiastically roll for enjoyment. Spin through journeys fast and slow. Admire and remember details. Pedal leisurely to relish sights. Amazing surroundings are all around. Ride through scenes to explore. Stop to rest and give thanks. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background,… Read More »Journeys


“Treasured Happiness” December 18, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Wishing lit sparkles of happiness and treasured joy to all this Holiday Season. Kindly caring with passion in making memories is worth the enjoying of reminiscing with extraordinary impressions and new beginnings. Recalling the classic 1989 comical movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” with the unforgettable Bing Crosby… Read More »Joy


“Book Of Life” February 4, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Rather be judged on being humble and kind than strutting cynics and arrogance. Rather be judged upon core values than be wrongfully persuaded. Rather be judged on faithful beliefs than a fake personality. Rather be judged upon generous actions than impressive appearances. Rather be judged on… Read More »Judged

Karenia brevis

“Red Tide Organism” October 30, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) has recently alerted harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Southwest Florida that may cause respiratory and skin irritation with onshore winds in Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota counties as another natural climate change impact of Hurricane Ian that shambled and crashed… Read More »Karenia brevis


“Inspiring Notions” July 1, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Views can be enlightening that leap from a cloudy scene that emerge to fluttery clear perspectives to sustain lovely adventures that matter as touching aspirations await for the one to flatter and genuinely remember. Qualities of substance by the one who supports and maintains faithful guard with… Read More »Keep


“Opening Eyes” April 29, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Positivity can be released in stressful and dangerous circumstances among the worst seemingly confrontational serious mayhem of mishaps by flipping the thankful coin to hone qualities of safety, concern and empathy amidst protective relieving tranquility. Generously giving to others without expecting rewards can be pleasantly received to… Read More »Kindness

La Maison

“Hours At Sea” July 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Her heart is with the ocean to cure all emotions in each exploration as optimism spills in the ride of the glide, tumbles from the slides and the miraculous floating in waiting on the peaceful tide. Sun shines bright to bring her home to the sea… Read More »La Maison

Le Chapeau

“Dignifying Personality” January 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Among the endless types of headgear from contemporary to traditional, hats have been common throughout the history of humanity. There are as many forms of headdresses as there are terminologies, descriptions, celebrations and functions to explain the vast beauties. With multiple meanings of the headpiece, this article… Read More »Le Chapeau

Le Tablier   

“Francais Apron” December 5, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds From newborn baby bibs and adult protector bibs to full or half-length resourceful fabric and disposable aprons, the adaptable cloths are to protect clothes to stay clean, provide safety to skin or body and prevent health hazards or splattered spilled possible issues. Various aprons utilize ties, snaps… Read More »Le Tablier   


“Beautifully Crazy” November 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Make sense of roaming in Earth’s massive embrace. More one lets go, one gets. Sharing a phenomenal song as the author travels along on flights to remarkable places to see in the clouds above to believe in this “Crazy Beautiful Life,” as the creative and insightful lyrics… Read More »Life


“Surviving Submissive Love” October 1, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds Though this is not a popular topic to discuss or think about, it is the right time to acknowledge this subject and the beloved important lives (past and present) who do matter for so many to know you are not forgotten. Grasping to inhale that struggled… Read More »Light


“Outstanding Call” July 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds As in tennis, there are rules in the game that correlate in business to abide by not to cross the line yet shine even in the spin to honestly win. Lines on a tennis court serve several important physical and mental purposes for players that also relate… Read More »Lines


“Everlasting Anticipation” May 20, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Awe, to drift with dreamy inspirations to gently persuade one to remain at the sea with a guarantee to feel free. Waiting for the anticipation of the sunset after a picture-perfect day at the beach is necessary to reach with thankful idle to dawdle. Slow in parting… Read More »Linger


“New Mindset” July 6, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Moving to sync cause and effect to extend respect in leadership manners with positive notions that matters can productively, ultimately and cohesively embrace others instead of abrase that smothers. Diving into original exceptional ideas to accept unconventional outcomes can become an inspiring loading platform as the view… Read More »Loading


“For Life” February 23, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Discover pleasure in astounding sensories with sensual dimensions of living in upbeat aspects of uplifting moments to savor the noticed and focused present emotions with exploding optimistic dreams to fulfill wide opened. Kiss each positive lust for life with strong impulsive desires to live an eventful, entertainable… Read More »Lust


“Dreams Do Come True” November 27, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Rolling on country roads anticipating a ton of fun inside the tree house peaceful as a mouse. In the strong perched high branches of the oak tree, displays a tiny home full of plenty. A reliable lookout across the acreage gives many dreamers bold ample… Read More »Magical


“Majestically Memorable” February 7, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Sitting on the beach one hot afternoon as the Gulf waves were raving high tide soon, the author nestled amongst soft grains of sand humming a tranquilizing, mmm, until she thought of enjoyable soothing words that started with ‘m’ to describe her spectacular wait for the ocean… Read More »Magnetic


“Sea To Shining Sea” May 29, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Appreciating the noble men and women who have given their bold services with purpose to the United States on this Memorial Day weekend with proud gratitude and for their profound brotherhood. Respecting the beauties of this majestic world with high degree to forever see that… Read More »Majestic


“For Real” October 18, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds While visiting a miraculous breathtaking Paradise Island in the Bahamas, I stepped aboard a luxurious yacht to excitedly anticipate the venture to actually squish my toes on the authentic Gilligan’s Island of the television series filmed in the 1960s. Oh my. I was truthfully into a 3-hour… Read More »Marooned


“Amazing Gem” May 20, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds A beautiful tapestry of life to behold, the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse. This stunning scene to witness, was a glorious design in the late-night skies on May 15-16, 2022. Another awesome Blood Moon sight will magically be displayed on November 8, 2022. Taking time to… Read More »Masterpiece


“Honor And Integrity” May 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds In quiet disarray of public turmoil and private trauma, may calmness and forgiveness be the message to find comfort, peace, positive change and guidance in faith with significant subtle meanings in the journey of life. Honoring loved ones and innocent souls with protected, humbled respect. Reflect,… Read More »Meanings


“Getting Together” November 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Prevail with peace that will increase genuine inward happiness. Share with care and alive sweet kindness. Enjoy humor without insults or rumors. Take precious time getting together to stay together. Be frank and real instead of fake of hurtful truth unrevealed. Express lovely hoorays, farewells and goodbyes.… Read More »Meet


“Real Reality” December 4, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Feeling the warmth of the sun gleaming through the palms as one tastes the salt from the ocean’s gentle surf is an extraordinary marine life on Earth. Noticing shorebirds pecking and flying as one is relaxing on the sand is a fulfilled calming awe of an amazing… Read More »Mellow


“Magical Curiosity” April 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Jump for joy on this National Dolphin Day. In celebrating dolphins every year on April 14, the author personally reflects upon numerous mystic experiences in Florida with these intelligent, social, friendly and fun-loving mammals. Leisurely cruising the Gulf of Mexico, the charming dolphins swim alongside boats with… Read More »Mesmerized


“Turmoil In Paradise” November 12, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Etchings from recent hurricanes have embedded minds. Continuing to be in hurricane recovery. The magical Sunshine State is still pretty. Resiliency will restore paradise in a new way. Even though turmoil is short term, not to stay. Processing and removing tons of debris. Floridians live to… Read More »Mindful


“Heaven Sent” December 21, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Softly cuddled in the arms of God’s protection. Minutes do matter. Gently blanketed to ensure security. Pause to engulf moments of every sense. Angels sent from heaven to be seen. Eyes opened wide to experience the world. Opportunities of faith are understood to pursue ahead. Developing, living… Read More »Minutes


“Magical, Majestical, Mystical” March 20, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Returning to favorite hangouts bring joy and smiles where one can be oneself with humble clout. A quaint place in easy spirit where people are friendly and considerate. Delectable aromas drift through the air as fresh croissants and scones are anticipated to share. Magical touches of… Read More »MMM


“Preserve And Protect” November 14, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds In celebration of the intelligent, magnificent manatees with beautiful innate nurturing senses, may we continue to admire these gentle and playful sea cows. November is Manatee Awareness Month in Florida, dedicated to save the manatees and their conservation as they return to warmer aquas from their… Read More »Mystic


“Uplifting Attempt” August 11, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Initiating fun wherever one travels whether the journey is an excursion or in the backyard, a created elation is evident with exceptional regard. Trying uninhibited novelties or returning to favorite attempted stimuli adds overjoyed experiences that bring smiles to glowing faces with laughter to chase and get… Read More »Neophile


“Virtual Norm” August 23, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Considering the growing trend to work from home or anywhere digitally or virtually, is the personal adventurous passion with freedom, eagerness and flexibility in the workforce. Viewing this thrilling approach of professionalism, the author has enjoyed many versions virtual working since Covid-19. Digital nomads travel the globe… Read More »Nomads


Max Glick (S.2, Ep. 5) – Comedy, Family “Odd Couple” Canadian TV Show Series Filmed In British Columbia, Canada 1991, Encore Plus “Showing Appreciation” October 16, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Astonishing glee to display admiration for artists has been shown through many identifiers from loud handclapping to quiet snapping fingers and noiseless wavy jazz hands.… Read More »Nostalgia


“Sequential Substance” June 9, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Pause wherever the place might be to brush musical strings to sing and play with glory and glee. Dream anytime of the day by the sea for inspirational writing to eventually see aspirational prosody. Score magical notes to connect locations that are remote to describe the moment… Read More »Notetaking


“Feeding The Mind” November 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Foodstuffs are honored by people connecting in life, participating in each sequence. Aliments will become precious as climate changes communities, goods and services. Tasty edibles are fondly remembered and upheld for heart and soul consumption. Delectable cuisine is a delicacy that can be simple to complex,… Read More »Nourishment


“Positive Light” December 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Living through rose-colored glasses, which the author wears daily with every belief in uplifting perceiving, is an instinct to treat others how one would like to be treated with faithful respect, encouragement and optimistic acknowledgement. Meaningless talk of chitter chatter rumors is like the elephant in the… Read More »Objectivity


“Optimistic Aliveness” December 21, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds May Every Day Be Open With Caring, Giving, Kindness And Optimistic Grateful Aliveness. From Winter Vintage Days To Beautiful Warm Florida Rays, The Author Is Wishing Everyone Blessed Memories This Holiday Season To Brightly Rave. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly… Read More »Openness


“Allured Exhilaration” September 1, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Every opportunity can be a stage to hone. Wise allurement towards guided decisions can be spontaneously thrilling. Exhilarating changes can be made when changes need to be changed. Charming surroundings can provoke impulsive creativity with positive energy awaiting. Talented temptations can be well timed into a memorable,… Read More »Opportunities


“Romancing Joys” June 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Recognizing the optimistic individuals of June birthdays with their traits of passion and admiration. Celebrating their sensitive friendships with their polite balanced emotions for any occasion chosen. Generously thanking them for their active charisma with tender humor to love and appreciate to beautifully and joyfully elevate. Enthusiastically… Read More »Optimistic


“No Brainer” July 9, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Look ahead, look down, look around when one is at the beach for a toxin stinging jellyfish that could make one do a hopping whish. Beautiful in its gelatin resemblance in the sand or floating in the ocean gorgeously grand yet it’s best to mention the sea… Read More »Ouch!


“Passing Minutes”  October 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Routines center on expected fixed rotations. Activities are planned around timed sessions. Work is to put in the time to leave on time. Play dates are fun times prearranged and impromptu. Education is valued in incremental time periods. Endless appointments are time consuming. Sports define rhythm of… Read More »Passages


“Faithfully Waiting” November 9, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds With every season of life, there are scenes to be seen with sparked emotions. Expressions in a picture, once lived, optimistically to be lived. Giving life to living life to fleeing life to loving life to eternal life. Waiting for sentimental gleam to turn from red to… Read More »Patience


“Raising Awareness” August 26, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds The International Whale Shark Day was first commemorated in 2008 at the International Whale Shark Conference on the island of Isla Holbox, Mexico. The conference hosted 40 ocean experts, activists and scientists who had a concern for the whale shark’s declining population. Hence, the International Whale Shark… Read More »Patterns


“Until Next Time” July 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Gaze above with adoring insight as the outward sight of a day’s fulfilled contentment shines with magnificent, graced light. Live as the last breath to touch emotions in each specific scene, each particular encounter and each unexpected chance that was seen as if there were to… Read More »Pause


“Expressing Contentment” December 18, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds May the calming melody of “Silent Night” tenderly sooth our souls throughout the renewed holiday weeks. Shining across trials to hope and understanding for culture unity, this historical and popular world-renowned ballad originated from a heart-felt poem written by Austrian Joseph Mohr in 1816. As a young… Read More »Peace


“Unusually Meaningful” September 27, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Head to the ocean trail to prevail a positive physical tranquil get away for calm mental sensations to stay. Longing to belong is strong as one sings a song of hum that becomes a musical noted aquatic poem at the shoreline rim as the creative sum. Expressions… Read More »Peculiar


“Attend To Attention” September 24, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Stroll in complete wholeness. Walk or roll instead of driving. Notice elements happen. Peeking alligators bellowing in low level ponds. Provoke curiosity from scenarios. Sudden construction sites emerge. Spark enamoring ponders. Feather reed grass lining water filled ditches. Turn strange views into observations. Sidewalks end and… Read More »Perceptions


“Lingering Lobbyists” July 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds President Ulysses S. Grant was known to walk to the Willard Hotel to relax in the lobby after a long day working at the White House where he would have glasses of Brandy and smoked his favorite cigars. When his routine became familiar, people eventually would seek… Read More »Persuasion


“Astute Adaption” November 5, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Table for one has a contentment relaxation with angelic composure. View simple pleasures with inner strength. Adapt solely to present tense easing from past grouped memories. Optimistic charm weaves old sights that once were young insights. Frame reflections of reason that might have been unreasonable. Canvass joys… Read More »Phases


“Southwest Florida Turtle Season On The Serene Shelling Islands” September 3, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds Captiva And Sanibel Peaceful And Calm Islands During this annual beautiful and phenomenal turtle season that is in blossom through October, Loggerhead is the most common marine turtle species to arrive on both quiet and quaint Captiva and Sanibel Barrier… Read More »Phenomenal


“Delicate Interweaves” March 13, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Be actively courageous to be undisturbed in the midst of a serious, lingering unsettling disturbance. Question what does not feel right to make a wisely chosen difference in an inspiring sight of light. Question what someone says without facts to boldly ask for correct, proven answers that… Read More »Picture


“Filling Time” August 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Sit with soft spoken wit. Ponder to surrender. Bliss is at sea. Devote thought. Relish each accord in every chord. Pause with flaws. Escape in the dream. Welcome elements amiss. Be still to fill. Grant the enchant. Touch to blush. Embrace the quiet chase. Allow to intimately… Read More »Ponder


“Flowing Ripples” March 2, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Pause A Tone…Relax. Forget heartaches. Take time to make time…for you. Tune-into a melted peaceful mystery.  THIS is around all of us. Transport a crystal blue persuasion shift to start or stop your day to rejuvenate and invigorate. Shape calendar time—to your own little waves in an… Read More »Popple


“Beneficial Processes” June 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds “Life brings unexpected journeys to embrace but it’s how traveling through what needs to be faced is the outcome of grateful grace.” (Kimmy Foulds June 22, 2011 8:33 PM PT) Significant in hope back then required serious measures to save a life to survive yet has repeated… Read More »Positivity


“Uplifting Outlooks” December 29, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Analyze beautiful surroundings. Relax in contentment. Enjoy delightful alternatives. Inhale options with excitement. Follow goals to achieve. Notice uplifting outlooks. Explore magnificent choices. Embrace intrigue with possibilities. Appreciate cheery attitudes. Indulge in glorious settings. Perceive exceptional interests. Savor sincere friendships. Think out of the box with creativity.… Read More »Possibilities


“Mysterious Boy” November 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds A century after the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings of Egypt, archaeologists are continuing to unearth more artifacts and controversies of this mysterious youthful King of power and wonder, who suffered in different magnitudes. At the precious age of nine, King… Read More »Power


“Time Passages” March 18, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Notice every breath, activity, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, past, present, into the future to clutch memories and live in thrilled moments to positively understand extraordinary experiences with each cherished heartbeat to comprehend All could be taken or given away unexpectedly. Precious endeavors can be… Read More »Precious


“Salty Concepts” March 16, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Discover Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana as a Zen place to write for original light. Tap into remarkable emotions to feel desirable, blessed insight. Catch ideas to turn sparked letters into overjoyed explementary compositions of written masterpieces. Ignite words of scatter to innovate significant form in… Read More »Premiere


“Hurricane Season” June 15, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds As a friendly reminder, be prepared for this hurricane season 2022, which is active until Wednesday, November 30th. There are many locations in Southwest Florida to grab free Hurricane Guides to stock up on necessary items and be knowledgeable of severe, threatening storms. To brace for safety… Read More »Prepare


“Okie Dokie” April 17, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Amidst the tall swaying Para grass plants, the author knows the grunts of territorial alligators ruffling from their various sounds as their jaws snap or shifts in their reptile sauntering bodies basking in the sun while taking a nap. By their evident warning, gators will bellow, growl,… Read More »Presence


“Caring With Spirit” June 24, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Either in the flourishing farmland countryside or natural gardens along the oceanside to relish the outside, conserving fresh grown food is a happy joy of meticulous mindset stimulus. From the early break of dawn to the late sunset hours with a relaxing yawn, there is pure… Read More »Preserving


“Daily Victory” November 3, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Some days can carry the days into imagination. To come out ahead of heading down a potential fiasco, can be victorious. Think out of the box while looking up. Keep the unusual a whimsical usual. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly… Read More »Prevail


“Spirits Join” September 28, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Wait to see the beauty in the masterpiece. Hold on to survive to revive. Grip the strength in faithful daily gratefulness. What was, is no more forever more. Pain is the process while feeling the progress. Small to tall, the weakness of fears rolling into tears might… Read More »Process


“Achieved Success” January 1, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating an astronomical achieved success is the 40th retro official birthday of the advanced Internet since January 1, 1983. Prior to this famous year, the various computer networks did not have a standard way to communicate with each other. The Internet engineered an infrastructure that connected computer… Read More »Progress


“Intentions To Persuade” November 20, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Strategic planning canvasses topics of every aspect to influence personally and professionally. In each scenario, personal marketing is a gist. Setting the mood of a meeting with intentions to sway persuasions are purposeful. Wearing the precise attire to guide a forum is deliberate for gainful outcomes.… Read More »Prominent


“Enticing Challenge” August 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Balancing natural grit to fit a thrilling sense of urge to catch the wafting verge along the azure warm ocean is an emotionally charged locomotion. Prompting to assist in the adventurous wind shift spurs excitement in the challenged drift sailing across the wakes of shining crest lines… Read More »Propel


“Favorable Conditions” September 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Uplifting loved ones in a supporting role will generate opportunities that call out their names in soul to pursue with aim and stake their claim. Suggesting a positive outcome is a delight to roam the oceans of leisure that will resonate as a treasure with sweet remarkable… Read More »Propitious


“Sea Turtles Returning Home To Serene Islands” August 25, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds During this annual beautiful and phenomenal Southwest Florida turtle season that is in blossom through October, Loggerhead is the most common marine turtle species to arrive on both quiet and quaint Captiva and Sanibel Barrier Islands, followed by the Green Sea Turtle.… Read More »Prosperity


“Intricate Precision” March 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Applying qualities of order for particulars on this beautiful marble called Earth that affect a concerned value system for the good of mankind can be advantageously thrilling to navigate meticulously every day to enhance future generations. Ensuring correct cycles to point toward aligned plans are excitedly reached… Read More »Punctilious


“Clothes Lines” July 12, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds For decades, items have been thrown over a rock, on top of grass, fastened around some sort of strand, spread across bushes for the sole purposes of parching or aromas to be pleasing. Recalling the simplicities of childhood line-drying, the author often implements this practice at the… Read More »Purpose


“Quality Time” November 11, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Among many meaningful qualified songs today is to realize spending quality time to salute All Veterans is in tender reference for their every enduring labor forever. In honor of Veterans Day, the author would like to reach out to pay tribute, as she comes from a military… Read More »Qualify


“Cater-Corner” May 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Authentic design is within one’s inspiring mind. Positioning a room with flair might be a traditional finesse with detailed care. Decorating with a personal style happily embraces self-confidence in honing a particular lifestyle. Situating furniture on an angle is properly named cater-corner to carry the eye of items… Read More »Quatre


“Preoccupied” April 11, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Sometimes a far, far away quest is guided to discover what is closest. Recognize conditions that develop into preoccupied cognitive consumption. Ponder experiences to grow through what needs to be gone through. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly feel welcome to follow,… Read More »Quest


“Precise Timing” October 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Evaluate to rate one’s own yearning affect to listen to the learn with open reason and precision. Instances of bizarre consequences sometimes turn out to be the genesis of the most precious. Decide what is right in that split second when the timing seems not right. Expect… Read More »Questions


{Photo Taken By The Author On A Warm Glorious Steamy Island Hopping Afternoon Around Captiva Island, Florida} “Peaceful Contentment” June 25, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Serene beauty is an alluring jaunt on mellow breezy boat hops between tropical islands when one relaxingly drops anchor to visit quaint favorite spots that gracefully matter. Rustic yet lush… Read More »Quietness


“Oh My” January 31, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds This new television series is really worth viewing for the valuable time knowing to yearn and learn from each educational episode in the series, which can be astoundingly confirmed in worldwide cities. 1518 City of Strasbourg, Holy Roman Empire Dancing Plague: Residents danced themselves to death and… Read More »Really


“Uplifting Sway” March 26, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds As a wrapping day glistens on the Florida Gulf’s shoreline from a tranquil recess with anticipated warm clouds gently roll in the air while ocean waves crest in changing tides at the foam’s beachside, one can miraculously cause to pause in thanks to gratefully see a talented… Read More »Recess


“A Peek Into France” October 12, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Unhurried thoughts occasionally drift on the positive encounters during university age days studying throughout France envisioning scenes that were enticed and relished with sweet inner exuberance of the enchanting year. Among many remarkable historical reflections that remain with impressive awe have been famous châteaux, the… Read More »Reflections


“Dans Le Miroir” October 19, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Nothing to one is something of backbone to another. Softly blow secret kisses to the wind that will bubble imaginary words in the sand. Peace, calmness and tranquility are pleasures of one’s reality. Rejoice to sense burbling natural water sounds cascading down on rocks and branches… Read More »Regarde


“Smiles Of Wonder” December 28, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Pleasurable moments are valuable to take time to make time to tune into peaceful mysteries of nature’s flowing ripples spatter across glistening waters. By transporting a quiet crystal blue scene shift to rejuvenate or invigorate by gently flailing a flat rock with a particular throw is… Read More »Relaxing


“Harmonious Passions” November 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Know when one is where one is supposed to be. Hold true to what one believes. Indulge in an open mind to positively see. Grasp emotions with harmonious passions for the seas’ waving motions. Devotedly stay connected with collected qualities of faithful realities. Repeat relevance naturally as… Read More »Relevance


“Fond Memories” February 18, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Recall sweet images of a past era cherished as a once future promise with fondness. Mirror ideas from alluring pieces with sounding expressions that trigger the soul to refreshen. Merge vintage life with a musical tone in harmonizing the present to joyfully hone. Indulge in precious memories… Read More »Reminisce


“Motivating Optimism” April 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Interact with intrinsic talent in natural surroundings for whole meanings to kindle the soul. Notice choices of wisdom to reflect intellectual heartfelt impacts that will be mapped. Explore motivating envisions to take note of enthusiastic self-esteem that will become classic in gleam. Wake external energy to provoke… Read More »Resonate


“Honor Knowledge” July 16, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Books are miraculous letters of sparked words that create esteemed sentences tucked inside with insightful powerful messages. Holding in regard the valuable published references is an honorable curiosity where wonder becomes astute in the endless knowledge that can compare to diverse situational reality. Reading the tattered volumes… Read More »Respect


“Feeling Emotion” May 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Brilliantly splendid views of impressive hues bind abundant endorsements of picturesque escarpments. Lofty rapidly rolling waterfalls transport experiences with mental majestic souvenirs of genuine memories to treasure and tuck inside with blissful cheer forever. Roaring sounds of unconfined water cascading downward with amazingly reinforced air of colorful… Read More »Resplendent


“Learning Curves” August 30, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Lemons can be mixed with positive learning curves. Embrace the different or unknown experiences to grow with knowledge. Retrain to understand broader perspectives. Practice openness with a humble heart and kind spirit of character. Be amazed by the gained, realized information to shine and thrive. Reflect, from… Read More »Retrain


“Uplifting Churns” September 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A Zen place to write for creative light. Sense emotions to feel insight. Catch ideas to turn into sparked letter pieces. Ignite words of scatter to form matter. Release dreams from what is seen. Share positive concepts to be aware. Relax with the flow as the focus… Read More »Reveal


“Le Moment” January 4, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Rapture impromptu bliss of affectionate exuberance to break away from constraints in every appealing way with adored inspirations along spontaneous ocean’s variations in a soft windful kiss. Lingering briefly in careful and considerate exalting enhancement can be praised with improvisational episodic moods integrated in natural enthusiasm when… Read More »Rhapsody


“Get Up” January 6, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Positively live through an exuberant poetry of life to activate resonating words as musical sounds abound for one to hear, read, feel or see creative dances of grooving in participating stances, glances and sensory fun chances. Get up to impromptuly experience pleasure in patterned melodic beats to… Read More »Rhythm


“Natural Environments” July 3, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Today on July 3rd, reminds the world of the significant awareness to begin, act and continue to shelter all cultures, land and oceans on International Plastic Bag Free Day. By abandoning the usage of plastics in everyday life with political and emotional positive decisions to impact and… Read More »Safeguarding


“Peace And Love” May 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Satisfaction is found in the glorious oasis of serenity and endless tranquility. Supply strength in helping each other with a poised atmosphere of calm shelter. Stay happily bold with grace even through tough trials one will face. Smile with sunshine in the heart for each day… Read More »Sagacious


“Positive Expectations” March 12, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Optimistic cognizance in the affectionate elements of the air, can be cheerfully enthusiastic that make the seashore heaven-sent as sweet and bright as tangerine scents with relevance in a precious isolated significance. Eagerness can be mixed with calmness of a gentle tone as one naturally values positivity… Read More »Sanguine


“Lively Sparkle” April 30, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A rush in the mindset watching incredible rolling waves arise as ocean sounds rumble and seagulls gracefully touch a surface dive without a tumble. A tremendous sight displaying extremely amazing delight to behold and mold the moment of astonishing blue hues of sparkling light. An awe-inspiring experience… Read More »Scintillate


“Preoccupied” October 10, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Sometimes a far, far away search is guided to discover what is closest. Ponder experiences to grow through what needs to be gone through. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and like the posts submitted… Read More »Search


“Ocean Edges” November 17, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds From small hometowns and big cities to developing communities of growth and struggle at the ocean’s edge, own a valuable pledge to make a prominent difference to savor this gorgeous rotating world with importance and compassionate persistence. Select eco-friendly choices to be continually apprised with confident surmise.… Read More »Select


Celebrating Earth Day By Protecting Mother Nature’s Magnificent Created Environments To Preciously Sustain Future Generations. “Instant Impressions” April 22, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Acknowledging instant impressions of nature can correlate a yearned perceived notice to relate detections in optimistic conversions of glorious conceptual surroundings to be comprehended with abstract yet breathtaking, extraordinary, fundamental intuitions to… Read More »Sensing


“Dignify Memories” December 30, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Acknowledge tender emotions with significant adoration. Value mental feelings with positive commendation. Provoke thoughtful wonders with approving wonder. Refine opinions with enthusiasm to applause gracefully. Appreciate notions with high regards of recollections. Love shared affections with passionate fondness. Dignify gleeful happy memories to linger into the future.… Read More »Sentiments


“Patiently Relaxing” July 24, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Hope, never giving up and staying strong. Hold on with courage and faith as the center point. Look to the future with enchantment. He will guide, show and protect His grace of His Will in His time. “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait… Read More »Serenity


“Buck Moon” July 12, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds NASA notes that the Buck Moon will appear full for about three days, from the morning of Tuesday, July 12th up until the morning of Friday, July 15th in this eventful year of 2022. According to NASA, the Buck Moon beauty will shine the brightest in the… Read More »Shine


“Love Living” October 14, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Preparing to evacuate from Hurricane Ian September 28, 2022 and then realizing the mandatory evacuation order was in place too late to leave, I was guided from Above to “shelter in place.” As I witnessed and survived the ferocious eye of the unfathomable disaster on September 28,… Read More »Signs


“Peacefully Tranquil” May 9, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Living an uncomplicated life can be extraordinarily fulfilling by creating a respective perspective on future dreams and hopes to goal-set forward, pausing for thankfulness of what has been attained in outstanding incredible accomplishments. Spark far shores of the imagination to shine in every direction as one can… Read More »Simple


“Feeling Happy” November 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Recently, a transforming vibrant treat paused the author in a private awestruck moment by an instinctive high that directed her eye towards the sky with a thankful sigh of fulfillment and treasured attentive emotions by the gliding twittering voices. Arriving at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, Florida’s… Read More »Singing


“Serenely Uncomplicated” March 23, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds To endure waiting in situations slowly can be peacefully and trouble-freely admired in thankful, inspiring decency with honor and respected dignity. When one releases the bonds of guilts or torments, clouds of fears or shames can be inwardly liberated to purely begin anew again. Wherever one finds… Read More »Slow


“A Jovial Outlook” March 29, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Wishing everyone a beautiful day in your environment. Smile…A free small gesture with an immense impact to an instant happy mood. Hope this virtual smile molded a physical smile by looking upward. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For more of my eclectic background, kindly feel welcome… Read More »Smile


“Stunning Belief” March 27, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Touching goals from imaginable enriched determination is an elated poised performance in excellence when one realizes unparalleled innovative ideas become magnificently, visionary creative acrobatics naturally taking off to soar in brilliant non-stopping talented realities personally and professionally. Strongly reaching for the sky with an original belief in… Read More »Soar


“Elevate Happiness” November 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Capture breathtaking consolations as soothing golden celebrations. Ease into a solace frame of mind to relaxingly unwind. Relieve stress by the warm glistening seaside and sandy crackling fireside. Discover peaceful calmness as nature freely provides emotional support as beautiful comfort abides. Alleviate burdens by elevating happiness with… Read More »Solace


“Directed Decisions” August 23, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Stroll to the water’s edge to remember one’s place as a sense of wisdom for freedom while the wind blows and the sand flows for one to breathe in the pause and joyfully bestow. Follow the heart’s desires at the break of day that may awaken calmness… Read More »Something


“Soft Breeze” April 2, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Experiencing a writer’s block recently after surfing an invigorating dawn morning that was thrillingly cranking, the author was virtually conversing with a fellow friend writer to pause in her moments when she noticed drifting waves soothingly foaming on the hot sandy coastline and focused a dreamy attention… Read More »Soothing


“Emotional Intellect”  July 26, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Splendid places are humble to embrace with heartstring passions that touch the heart admirably to forever be mindfully traced in the upmost respectful grace. Exploring breathtaking oceans of infinite views sparks an incredible fuse to venture to the secluded islands of majestic diamonds or impressive tropical isolated… Read More »Soul


“New Office Work Ethics Without Guilt” January 22, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Work where you want and when you choose. Embark on how you proceed in an energizing directional occupation with dynamic tenacity and intense success. Explore opportunities in the virtual world or a totally different path as a profession.  Preserve your high productive standards… Read More »Sovereignty


“Striking Beauty” January 30, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Instant illustration of striking beauty resonates sincere ideas when new intertwines and old combines. Admiration to appreciate alfresco dining anytime of the day happens when glorious mystics are persuaded to stay. Impressive ambiance ignites a relaxing atmosphere to realize an inspiring spark of gratitude is near. Pleasurable… Read More »Splendid


Image by The National Hurricane Center 2022 “Sunrise to Sunset” October 8, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds A monumental image of the dangerous, high-end Category 4 Hurricane Ian’s eye, that tackled Southwest Florida Wednesday afternoon, September 28, 2022. The National Hurricane Center warned of “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding” with mandatory evacuations in the… Read More »Stalled


“Patiently Waiting” December 27, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Hope, never giving up and stay faithfully strong. Hold on with courage and prayer as the center point. Look to the future with enchantment and grateful thankfulness even in turmoil. Through difficulties and traumas, turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for strength and endurance. Patiently wait for… Read More »Stillness


“Reaction vs Action” January 24, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Seeing in one’s mind’s eye can be a connection to replicate electrical conductivity to insert bodily microchips as an advanced idea of impressive visualization to further utilize implementation in daily activities and sensory abilities. Choosing to symbolize meaning with emotion by purposely tattooing or implanting in… Read More »Stimuli


“Red Tide” February 10, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Red Tide continues to linger along the coastlines of Southwest Florida since Hurricane Ian smashed on land in Lee County. For months now as an aftermath from the historical and powerful Category 4 Hurricane Ian, there have been boiling water alerts and Red Tide levels in the… Read More »Stinks


“By The Sea” December 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Accomplish goals by stepping out of a comfort known with self-discipline and dedication to actively and willingly demonstrate a worthy obligation. Develop an unwavering leap of valuable faith in the unknown with optimistic kind respect and grateful grace to embrace the heavenly Zen zone as a… Read More »Strength


“Elevated Imagination” May 9, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds An awe in amazement when encountering a blessed vision on this fabulous planet of incredible inspiration and intense admiration. Among gorgeous scenery experienced on this exalting world are superb details from shore to shore in the outdoors. Sublime emotions connect nature with one’s soul with the visions… Read More »Sublime


“Who Loves Cotton Candy?” December 7, 2021 By Kimmy Foulds What a delectable puff piece to fluff on the annual December 7th National Cotton Candy Day. Remember the days of pulling the sticky chunks of sugar off your face? For me, it was stuck to my hair but I didn’t care. I looked forward to… Read More »Sugary


“Affectionate Display” February 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Simple in the charm to surprise anyone or yourself by freshly picking flowers to keep young at heart. Either along the countryside, seaside or market side, pleasantly choosing the gorgeous gems remain with meaningful intent to favor with care to share. Delicately arranging the floral bouquet brings… Read More »Surprise


“Relaxing Contentment” December 12, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Sitting outside is a genuine comfort on a porch, patio or balcony. A refreshing feeling to quietly repose during a soft drizzling rain. Warmness is gratifying with tranquil surroundings of beauty within. Extraordinary contentment to breathe in fresh air is liberating. Peaceful emotions flow into integral pauses… Read More »Sweetness


“Mind And Heart” December 24, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating Advent is a graceful, grateful and inspiring Christian traditional season to prepare mind and heart for Christmas as the most important birthday miracle in history that affects individual eternity. Beautiful Advent is throughout the holiday month of December to symbolize the birth of Jesus Christ… Read More »Symbolism


“Gentle Stubbornness” July 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Attracted to the present moment in spunky spirit is to calmly glide the surf with perseverance and ride the waves in awareness as far as the lively speed flows in clearance. Touching the salt water while grasping the thrills is a strong will as one still enjoys… Read More »Tenacity


“Heavenly Beauty” November 24, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds The Old Country Church. A relaxing, honorable place of grace with significant meaning. Spiritual community within giving praise singing. Upon entering the white steeple building to worship weekly, is an older man greeting with loving reflections so deeply. Gathering with family, friends and relatives. Diverse congregation is… Read More »Tenderness


“Healthy Therapy” May 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Spending time at the beach is a calming livelihood that beachcombers have absolutely understood. Magnetically drawn to the natural art forms along the coastline shores bring contentment and assessment with happiness and connected awareness. Staring for hours at the swells turn burdens about everything into nothing. Breathing… Read More »Thalassophile


“Beauty In The Day” November 7, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Every day is a new beginning, a new blessing to pray. Refreshed with gracious, pretty attractions in spacious yet lovely fractions. Qualities of all senses with purity to be thankful without tenses. Admiring blooming flowers swaying along white gated fences of no expenses. Inspired by… Read More »Thankful


“Taking A Break” June 28, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Chilling out with a calm yet bubbly attitude is catching an exuberant chance to be in an active imaginative trance. Bright sunny days can make one dance on waves that rave to feel alive riding the glides while one is alive. Overthinking pushes one to quickly… Read More »Thinking


“Time Out” February 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Discover an extraordinary place in time to mystically unwind. Ensure hands disappear from the clock to be gently used to apply sunblock. Suspend the mind to find a tranquil breathing space to be removed from the workplace. Enter quaint intervals with eyes wide open to divulge in… Read More »Timeless


“In Perspective” March 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Sometimes, when objects in life appear to be upside down, happily turn the opportunity into the most outstanding positive perspective with a grateful attitude. Position the topsy-turvy consequences to equally align correctly with a confident personal view of an inner peace that sustains from the versatile bottom… Read More »Topsy-Turvy


“Avec Amour” April 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Te célébrant mon fils en ce jour, un miracle de la Nouvelle-Orléans est né. {Celebrating you my son on this day, a New Orleans miracle was born.} Que votre journée soit remplie d’amour, de joie et de bénédictions des mains bénies de Dieu d’en haut. {May your… Read More »Toujours


“Swirling Eddies” November 6, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Intriguing experiences leave trails of many frequencies with individual characteristics in the mystics. Patiently pursuing whirling paths that seem like a continuous twirling wake, one can count on faith to be steady and ready with positivity. Noticing circumstances that may be flowing fast or slow, one can… Read More »Trails


“Lovely Gardens” January 4, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Admiring a lush, cultivated passage through a relaxing stroll can be a peaceful feeling that lingers. Respecting the tranquil moments to acclaim a clear stillness can be noticed with blissful serenity. Leisurely walking on cobbled stones, grassy bricks or over quaint vined bridges along a blooming pathway… Read More »Tranquil


“Optimistically Pure” November 4, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Ascertaining expectations in developing circumstances can emphasize open emotions with aptness and gentle happiness. Knowing phases of stages, one can voluntarily provide intellect with valued transparency. Learning with certainty and honesty can positively intertwine authenticity with candid accountability. Appropriately choosing wise choices with common sense can significantly… Read More »Transparency


“Extraordinary Discovery” November 11, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Italian authorities recently announced the exceptional unearthing of 2,000-year-old bronze statues in an ancient Tuscan thermal spring. The remarkable findings will rewrite history about the amazing transition from the Etruscan civilization to the Roman Empire. For more information, watch PBS NewsHour. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. For… Read More »Treasure


“Honoring Reality” June 22, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Sweetly being blunt with the truth is a tactful necessity to be upfront. Bring facts to the conversation with gentle confidence about each specific situation. Genuinely heed candor with respect to ensure the reality is anchored with delicate accuracy. Qualities of sincerity and honesty provide compassion to… Read More »Truth


“Nonstop Stories” July 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Tune in to turn-on amazing educational stories of history with an over-the-air spectacular programming lineup 24/7 with stunning movements of prominent astute individuals and acclaimed genuine incidents that shaped this brilliant forging world. In favor by the author is a preferred broadcast television network, Story Television, with… Read More »Turn-on


“Sentiment Pleasantries” October 24, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Kind values are in one’s mindset to occupy each chair who intellectually desires to share. Partake in the learning of freedom by conversing as one starts somewhere, everywhere. Experience the positive sentiments to be thankful without judgments. Actively appreciate optimistic social declarations with pleasantries in all achieved… Read More »Turns


“Have Fun” April 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Relax to absorb movements as the sun orbits. Have fun in the sand with seashells in hand. Nothing to do so pick up a brew to admire the ocean blue. Synchronize among gliding tides with each abstract stride. Dance under the stars while beachcombers strum guitars. Indulge… Read More »Undone


“Impacted By Deceit” October 1, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Though this is not a popular topic to discuss or think about, it is the right time to acknowledge this subject and the beloved important lives (past and present) who do matter for so many to know you are not forgotten. Grasping to inhale that struggled… Read More »Unexpected


“Hopeful Sustainability” November 3, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Integrating elements of life can augment efficacious meanings with desired eloquence. Realizing harmony throughout the day can be full of equality with valued honesty. Bringing qualities to the forefront with thankful characteristics can be positive to reap the rewards in impactful incidences. Agreeing to sustain natural surroundings… Read More »Unity


“Mystic Positivity” October 30, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Understanding the mystic in an unknown is a worth to positively identify as the known. Gratefully waiting in the unrevealed to adventure into a journey is to be believably told with zeal. Optimistically giving and receiving from small to all are valuable in each gratifying recall in… Read More »Unknown


“Shaping The Future” November 8, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Current factors are mixing in the air with the unpredictable Tropical Storm Nicole and midterm elections with the predictable full moon and king tides. While tropical weather elements crash on landfall, so will the midterm elections force directions to shape the future. Implications are strengthening in… Read More »Unpredictable


“Rejoiced Sentiments” November 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Raise the level of balance therein with each awakening move to effortlessly indulge in the eloquent peace within. Improve to refresh for another prime time positively meshed with polite cheering words to insightfully glean in kind goodness. Choose right from wrong with choices that have a core… Read More »Uplift


“Amazing Wonder” November 20, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Clusters of flowering leaves and palm trees decorated various towns and islands that sparkled with activities like diamonds, which adorned healthy Southwest Florida’s foliage and natural greenery cascading like canopied bridges creating memories of beauty that lingered in enchanting villages. Scenic scenes of creation can be destroyed… Read More »Vanishing


“The Adventure” April 18, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds On a boat to nowhere, heading somewhere. Anticipating what is ahead, imagining ancestors were there who previously led. Starting a new adventure, realizing patience is part of the venture. Enduring elements along the way, creating a courageous soul to stay. Waiting slowly to see, knowing whatever awaits… Read More »Venture


“Visual Harmony” November 2, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Astonishing abstract. Grand reveal was recently revealed. Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer is famous for his paintings of intimate, quiet scenes of everyday life in the seventeenth century. Secrets are now scientifically imaged as new scanned hidden artistic skills of Vermeer displaying his meanings of stillness and tranquility… Read More »Vermeer


“High-Spirited” December 19, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Somedays are off balance. Swirling and waiting for deliverance. Feelings of the past whirling by. Immersing in memories up in the sky. Let go of worries or sorrows. God’s protection is present today as tomorrows. Pass through uncertainties with optimistic uplifts. Throwing away hurtful mental rifts. Focus on… Read More »Vibrant


“Diligent Work” March 15, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Enthusiasm, tucked inside dedication, is a glorious accomplishment in every career and environment, personally and professionally. Jobs, performances, endeavors, productions are a few requirements that outline our necessity to make a living and be part of society. Deep Work is a sincere realistic approach to diligent and… Read More »Vigor


“Lovingly Tending” October 17, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Togetherness. Family, friends or strangers. Set an extra dinner setting. Tenderly welcome the table. Make room for an unexpected guest. Pull up a chair even if food is scarce. Laugh, tell jokes, sing, talk about the day. Reveal plans with elated anticipation. Make announcements and happily discuss.… Read More »Virtues


“Getting The Picture” November 30, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Being captivated by vintage books that uphold intellectual meaning is exhilarating. An elated perception of intense excitement to relax with a cup of tea and visualize stories are uplifting. Time spent in the tattered discolored pages is a euphoric sense of mindful freedom of imagination. Wonders… Read More »Visualize


“Affectionate Zen” March 16, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Inviting writers to join the author to optimistically further flourishing creativity with positivity in her premiering publication, Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana By Kimmy on Affectionate Zen will be upliftingly noticed by fellow authors and readers in the vitality and vigorous capacity of learning with… Read More »Vitality


Image by Andrew West/The News-Press 2022 “Magic Still Appears” October 10, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Sunny Southwest Florida will reset the viable and significant infrastructures that were pounded and obliterated by the high-end Category 4 Hurricane Ian Wednesday afternoon, September 28, 2022. This pictorial former Fort Myers Beach pier upholds the cherished memories that greeted… Read More »Vividness


“Marveling Nature” February 14, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Behold the magnificent beauty God graces on this planet. Nature will be in charge as humankind protects the precious environments to thrive with splendor. Revere an amazing journey connecting to the free-flowing surroundings to closely immerse in experiences with honorable admiration. Embrace to learn safety on the… Read More »Voici


“Crafted With Purpose” April 26, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Words seem straight forward sometimes. Upon searching “askew” online, there were several fascinating discoveries. Exploring attempts appeared with attached key words that were displayed normally on a horizontal page. Only the peculiar word alone, “askew,” showcased the unusual tilt on the computer screen. After a few… Read More »Wacky


“Best One” August 16, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Rest the eyes on the prize as the anticipation along the lineup rises to push forward for the elated crest highs. Practice calmness to be patient for the scenic best one in the foamy oceanic fun and dazzling sun. Bide the time to catch the waves with… Read More »Wait


“Curiosity Prevails” January 7, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Inquisitive mysteries are fondly pursued to climb a staircase wondering what will await at the landing. Contemplating the awe of amazing stories of people before who walked or ran up and down the stairs are worth the time to meditate. Observing exquisite period architecture revealing ordinary to… Read More »Wander


“Happy Ingredients” December 8, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Relaxing in the sun is a lingering mood boost with optimistic euphoric contented emotions induced. Playing in the sand clears the mind with a positive rewind to stay and partake in the aqua as an ongoing marine ballet sauté for another high tide flowing attractive longboard crest… Read More »Warmth


“Incidental Abruptions” October 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Though this is not a popular topic to discuss or think about, it is the right time to acknowledge this subject and the beloved important lives (past and present) who do matter—for many to know you are not forgotten. Grasping to inhale that struggled breath by the… Read More »Warning


“Fanciful Appeal” June 19, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Adventurous in a flip flop attitude to set aside the laptop is an invigorating freedom of an impromptu enthusiastic gratitude. Touching the sand beneath the feet is remarkably sweet with rays of sunshine perking a mood with the warmth on the skin feeling so good. Fascination is… Read More »Whimsical


“Down-To-Earth” July 15, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds A bike ride in the countryside with an anticipated elated sigh, is a fulfilling delight to find a bountiful place picking wildflowers along the roadside to bring home in an antique vase to admire with grace. Describing a practical lady with an intimate sounding soft voice and adaptable… Read More »Wholesome


“Leaning Encouragement” November 2, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Share dreams in the nearby that blow into the wind with whistles and wishes that come true to the miraculous infinite end. Emphasize expressions of surprise with outstanding intentions to think cautiously twice with hesitation in every peculiar quirky efficacious situation. Summon the inward values to preciously… Read More »Why


“Adult Time-Out” November 5, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Awe, a quiet moment. A brief time-out to suspend activities. Delay talking, planning, working, tending. Proceed with eagerness afterwards. Grown ups can be happy doing something of nothing. Initiatives are qualities to precisely entertain silently sometimes. Live the space at that space. Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.… Read More »Willingness


“Magical Sparkles” March 5, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrating two splendid birth flowers for this refreshing month in March, the daffodil and the jonquil. Representing amazing amiable birthday folks who are purely honest and do not deceivingly hoax. May magical wishes come true with sparkling ideas to creatively and always renew. As an easy-going natural… Read More »Wishes


“Strengthening” November 28, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Letters that form words into sentences with meaning are impactful. Taking time to tell someone he or she is appreciated with uplifting words makes a difference. A small positive word can be a big turning point toward others with a memorable impression. Choose words wisely because the words… Read More »Words


“Uplifting And Practical” May 15, 2022 By Kimmy Foulds Work changes like the ocean. Work toward productivity, accomplishments and delightful victories. Work is not constant. Work mandates essential due diligence with cautionary preventative measures. Work diligently to access, assess and attain imperative benefits. Work should be ever changing and always shifting with energy. Work requires… Read More »Work


“Profound Beauty” October 21, 2023 By Kimmy Foulds Celebrate to illuminate every unexplained to hopefully be distinctly and conceivably explained. Arrange flowers of meanings to flavor life’s phases into every situational sensorial season of stages. Notice enchanting butterflies as wise prizes in the world that pop out as visual sounds to profoundly skirl with whimsical… Read More »Yuugen


“Bursting Climax” February 29, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Gratifying in the burst of dramatic impacts, sudden effects take hold of one’s love with the ocean in the forces to be told in the marine’s mystic that devotedly surrenders the author’s positive attitude in nature’s passionate realistic. Furling waves represent thrilling climaxes for the author to… Read More »Zap


“Island Hopping” May 15, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Embracing unexpected impromptu jaunts by island hopping can be a miraculously zealous optima and full of enticing ingenuity when boating in the warm marine tranquil Gulf of Mexico of the Sunshine State’s Southwest Coast of Florida. Reasoning with friends to step away from stressful ordinary daily routines… Read More »Zealous