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Professional Expertise

Blogger Integral Pauses

Compassion For Climate Change, Global Warming, Sea Level Rise, Sustainability

Creative Founder Writers Cabana

Creator Missives Expressions

Survivor Of Plenty—My SOP

Virtually Managing Details For Precise Success

Visionary Founder Sunrise2Sunset Consulting

As a highly motivated, thorough and altruistic individual,

I take pride in every aspect in top-quality and prioritized projects.

With eagerness, compassion and tenacity, I enthusiastically apply

my established and productive methodical background in

public relations, specialized business comradery,

media spokesperson personality

and published creative writing talents

to attain deadlines within timeframes in all time zones.


Devoted To Sustain Business Morals

With a keen collaborative approach throughout the entire

project course of actions, virtual communications are consistently

structured to interface with Zoom, Google Workspace and Microsoft tools.


Dedicated To Genuine Confidentiality

Alternative platforms are utilized for digital correspondences and record management,

while evaluating and analyzing situations for improvements

and to offer efficient, tangible recommendations.