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{Along The Author’s Daily Path On Her Favorite Florida Island Beach Hideaway, She Heard A Close Gator’s Hiss As She Quickly Clicked The Bellowing Creature Before She Darted A Fast Pace Straight Track To Get Out Of Dodge And Did Not Look Back}

“Okie Dokie”

April 17, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Amidst the tall swaying Para grass plants, the author knows the grunts of territorial alligators ruffling from their various sounds as their jaws snap or shifts in their reptile sauntering bodies basking in the sun while taking a nap.

By their evident warning, gators will bellow, growl, grunt or hiss to exclaim their presence to stay away and back off to create distance in their expressive demonstrations for humans to realize these kinds of communications are boundaries to both be Okie Dokie.

Florida alligators are deliberate, steady, strong, swift and can detect pressures in waters as soft as breezy ripples on aqua surfaces from falling drops alerting their acute, revealing, suggestive awareness pops.

Gators are an intriguing part of life in Florida sharing spaces in their natural habitats in canals, ditches, lakes, marshes, ponds, rivers, storm drains, swales, swamps and wetlands nestled in their nourished enclaves to even be seen climbing or perched on branches of trees, if one has the inclination to look up to see.

Though alligators might lunge, run, swim or be surprised at one’s house door, snout scratching at the back lanai, moving toward one’s hole in one first on a golf course, swiping a tail stroke in a tennis match or found lurking and smirking under a car, their innate senses are profound to emanate vibrational echoes that alter middle to loud calls that all have meaning from agitation, breeding, fright, stressors, territorial to being threatened to shout attention.

When visiting or new to reside views in the warm Sunshine State, please remember everyone with a heart has a stake to relax in the sun with smiles of laid back attitudes as, “The Florida Song,” resonates to simply be joyously happy living in an ‘ukulele feel of adventure, humor, praise and fun.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

For more of the author’s eclectic background, generously feel welcome to follow, connect, comment, share and delight in the posts submitted with faith, positive insight, educational news, sustainability and creative poetry writing with beneficial meanings that are blessings in surprises in her new publication, Strength By The Sea Writers Cabana.

Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!