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“No Brainer”

July 9, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Look ahead, look down, look around when one is at the beach for a toxin stinging jellyfish that could make one do a hopping whish.

Beautiful in its gelatin resemblance in the sand or floating in the ocean gorgeously grand yet it’s best to mention the sea jelly is still active to poke dead or alive for one to quickly do a jive while shouting ouch with a crouch.

If provoked or accidently stung, one will instinctively and instantly frown in the natural playground with a compound of pain that might stain in numbness, itching, red marks or tingling.

Pay attention along the shoreline when walking, jogging, shelling, playing or swimming to give respect for the cursive style of amazing creatures that feature neurons of senses to combat their predators.

Avoid an oops as a no brainer frolicking along the foamy shores and furthermore remember these jellyfish do not have a brain, heart, bones or respiratory system for their wisdom.

As for the author, she knows firsthand as a child skipping along the sand was pierced on the bottom of her right foot that put red swelling bumps by a jellyfish that made her jump and prance in an unexpected beach dance.

Though the sea jelly was almost buried in the sand back then alert tentacles were definitely not bland for she recalled this distinctive needle feeling as an adult by a larger sea jelly when she was in the ocean swimming freely.

More than 2,000 species of jellyfish are found in every ocean so contemplate this motion that within the sea jelly’s thin plastic layer is full of over 90 percent water with powerful long tentacles of tiny poisonous venom stingers.

Being in the flow, going with the flow and energetic flow jellyfish are known to symbolize several meanings from intuition, beauty, acceptance, faith to the simplicity of movement that each element carries fluent mesmerizing amusement.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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