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“Feeding The Mind”

November 14, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Foodstuffs are honored by people connecting in life, participating in each sequence.

Aliments will become precious as climate changes communities, goods and services.

Tasty edibles are fondly remembered and upheld for heart and soul consumption.

Delectable cuisine is a delicacy that can be simple to complex, historical to new age.

Homemade casseroles and sustainable fundamental few ingredients will remain essential.

Every flavorful morsel is mixed with satisfying fullness that should be available to all.

Provisions for growth, health and good mental condition are found in basic natural resources.

Eating from ages of babies to seniors, both without teeth, soft mushed smooth grains are paramount for proper nourishment.

Many related necessary dishes are referred to in the world as comfort sustenance to feel full and happy.

Ground vegetables or fruit are among the vast creamed nosh to prevail starvation.

Recollections of awaiting pureed consumptions to digest are porridge, grits, oatmeal, rice, malt-o-meal, upma, wheat, corn and many more.

Grub is eaten when hungry, sick, to celebrate or in some instances, when bored or forced.

Influences are touched by various fixings with defined properties sensed by mouth and hands.

To describe textures in delicious smells creates an appetite to try the presentations and eat with enjoyment, curiosity and acceptability.

From field, planting, harvesting to cooking the chow into meals of savory goodies are exhilarating.

Indulgence is extra special when the anticipated taste is locally grown with local products.

Refreshments are refreshing at home, that start at home and continue at home.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset. 

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!