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{As The Author Was Boating A Recent Breezy Day, She Anchored Close By An Isolated South Florida Island’s Shoreline Jumping In The Gulf Immediately Recognizing Thick Yuck Sediment Flowing Around In Every Swim Stroke And Unintentional Gulp Abound}

“Gunk Spin”

June 10, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Securely anchored from drifting in danger of a low tide shoreline, the author excitedly got up from the bow of her boat, leaped in the saltwater but didn’t see how seriously murky the ocean was until she rolled with the punches of swallowing gunk and endured constant eye debris washes to make her instantly perceive what was real to pounce promptly with affirmation to understand the risks underneath her could be sharing the cloudy aqua deep space with dashing sharks darting, flappy stingrays waving or other swarming marine beautiful predators at peril at the declined shore range as she has previously encountered, been nipped, poked and bumped by them many times sea swimming due to erosion of sea level rise to stay calm in conditions of possible prey to continue her enthralling relaxing free play.

Though this expected pause of the misty day did not portray an unexpected weird fun water foreplay, the author methodically without panic swiftly climbed the boat’s stern to safely indulge the savor of her grand adventure that was in front of her suddenly to turn as an idle on her floating ‘Lady Kimmy’ fiberglass aware to observe, peruse and ponder her surroundings to slowly pull up anchor and then throttle smoothly, cautiously in clearer waterways toward her own hidden island treasure cove getaway bay where she knew was safer with leisure to stay.

Powerful tranquil drenched in the ocean with one’s inner self can be the same self-realizing inward exhilaration as if a mood ring lit up and gaged positive emotions of one’s body warmth’s progression in flow to review clarities of abundant connections whirling and spinning in pristine or nebulous waters of significance for scores of phenomenal lifetime courageous infinite reasons to last over time in memories of prime.

As steep drop-offs from nature’s ocean dregs settle into a storm, wave swells might twirl quickly around repeatedly to become confident in optimistic knowledge gained with cautious swirls of spiraling pirouettes that develop into narrating surfacing unknowns to be profoundly evident in first-hand unexplainable moments of intensified inconceivable open believable miraculous delicate knowns.

Be there mentally and physically no matter the strange circumstance when one is at a place wherever there is that place to resonate the joy within as if matched temperatures magnify the magic colors that glisten sparkling sand igniting bubbling coasts to revel in exquisite boosts of gems galore in relished, cherished individual ventures grand.

Pose to unite respected balance in posture to be in attendance to discover as if a do-not-disturb sign is above one’s head as a readable pop-up in explaining majestic minutes to softly, intimately recount as experiences to comprehend, remember and breathlessly forever duplicate to foster in admirable alluring cerebrate to be appraised on an innovative creative roster at hand.

Jump into thrills and spills without fear to live daringly peaceful fully and happily to know one has not seen the worst of worst in achieving activities new or old or altered to improve for attitudes are believing in oneself in trying, complimenting and surging in urging to reach an amazingly fulfilled life instead of routinely reclusively existing.

Remember to enamor quirky amusement with dignified witty humor and sweet laughter for genuine smiles are the good-natured soul entrances into one’s values amidst grief, sorrow, pain and pleasure for there is a strong grit spirit that will flourish in strength by God’s faith but if one doesn’t know until one begins, exciting worth through a gentle nudge can be a secured upbeat melody that can turn into a motto for one’s independent exuberant rhythm to reign and be blessingly eternally touched to remain.

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.,” Proverbs 15:13 New International Version (NIV) of the Christian Bible; Still, the best-selling book of All time.

Footnote: While the author was writing this article, local news reported three shark attacks that occurred eight hours away upcoast on the Florida’s Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico, as she was concurrently in the Southwest Gulf side islands and recognized the hazards in ascending shallow rapid coastlines of cloudy haze waters to get removed, get out and get protected with wise composed correction and hope.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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