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“For Real”

October 18, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

While visiting a miraculous breathtaking Paradise Island in the Bahamas, I stepped aboard a luxurious yacht to excitedly anticipate the venture to actually squish my toes on the authentic Gilligan’s Island of the television series filmed in the 1960s.

Oh my. I was truthfully into a 3-hour remake tour of the script that revealed life from the fictitious comedy (comedy?) on Gilligan’s Island. Less than a blissful hour gliding on the shimmering tropical smooth Atlantic Ocean surface toward Sandy Cay Island (backdrop shot for Gilligan’s Island), this thrill quickly switched to, “What!?,” as the smoke piped captain of the plush yacht instantly yanked the motor lever to instantly stop the marine engine.

“Get your stuff and food. Jump off the boat, NOW!,” he yelled. Astonished yet perplexed, I thought, “Huh!? He (the captain) was kidding, right?” I canvased the sun suited eclectic mini group, chuckling. Nope, this is for real. The middle-aged captain hurriedly motioned everyone off the glossy non-anchored yacht and continued to shout, “See you later!” No explanations.

In a numb gaze, I surveyed the surreal observation. There was a line of people leaping into the ocean immediately holding their cameras and backpacks or purses (whatever they were) up in the air as their bodies and belongings were briskly engulfed in the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean panicking, swimming towards the beach of an unknown Island ahead in sight.

Weird. There were not sounds from people, just the head honcho screaming to get off his boat. I was the last person to touch the seawater descending off the humongous, shellac yacht. As I delicately lowered myself into the warm drifting shore, the robust captain starred at me with intense as he gently handed me my kaleidoscopic peace illustrated beach towel. He said, “Enjoy yourself, ma’am,” with a throaty voice and unforgettable straight white teethed smile.

Alone, as the only person at the extended end of the person line making path to the mysterious Island, I paused and tippy toed on the soft mushy white sand beneath me. In the glistening clear ocean at neck level, I glanced back at the burly captain in the white shinning yacht as he saluted me with that stunning beam and waved. He roared the engine intentionally. The glorious big boat throttled, accelerated forward and propelled in the distance. Gone.

The sun was bright. The sky was full of cumulus clouds. Approaching the beach, individuals starred kind of quietly. I noticed huddles of cliques. Swiftly, I realized there was not an escape. So many whispers in my head swirled as I clutched my cool looking soaked harmony symbolled towel as I rolled my eyes, “Is this a joke, a candid camera prank? Did he (the pearly ivoried captain) abandon everyone?” I wondered. I attempted to wring my dripping wet beach towel and tossed it on the sand. to make my claim. Okay, the scene was splendid but NOT Gilligan’s Island dream I had in mind.

After a couple hours in the blazing sun, parched and imagining the Island viewed afar in the turquoise perception of Gilligan’s Island, I eagle eyed the familiar white lustrous yacht circle back towards this marooned group. Yes. Though I was the reluctant last person sliding off the big enticing boat, I was sure the first to securely climb back inside the exquisite yacht. My pierce blue eyes met the sun kissed rough faced captain’s entertaining grimace. Gosh darn, to this day I like the guy.

Irony. Gilligan’s Island was a 3-hour tour fantasy that lasted a television series of three seasons (1964-1967) from black and white scenes into color television conversion versions. My vivid full color adaptation stranded experience was endured or endeared to be remembered for a lifetime with only fond strange yet laughable sweaty, sunburned memories.

I think about marooned on that unknown Island looking across the motionless ocean to the once opening filmed scene of Gillian’s Island. The unknown Island I squished my toes in the sand was Rose Island. Fitting, since my nickname has always been Rosebud and I love, love the Islands.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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