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{Entering An Isolated Foamy Shore On Anna Maria Island’s Florida’s Sunny Gulf Coast, The Author Eagerly Wist To Await The Surf Bend Relishing Her Day’s Aquatic Dose Of Repose}

“Majestically Memorable”

February 7, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Sitting on the beach one hot afternoon as the Gulf waves were raving high tide soon, the author nestled amongst soft grains of sand humming a tranquilizing, mmm, until she thought of enjoyable soothing words that started with ‘m’ to describe her spectacular wait for the ocean to play as bait.

Her fun filled inner sensory sedative was treasured forever to remember going forward and cheerfully onward.

Magical enchantments are inside every expressive relevance with holistic motivation to experience determined and surprised mystic.

Magnificently impressive with awe-inspiring splendor and mindful wonder are activities with free actions of bliss to favorably join and not miss nor be somber.

Majestic scenes are significant by the sea with nature’s maturity at its glory in a warm aesthetic unveiling luscious story.

Manicured white powdery beaches in secluded spots are worth the loot with lots to caper as a marveled relaxing keeper.

Meanings are refreshing moves of motions to bring positive emotions in a variety of melodic validity for a simple yet complex identity.

Memorable in the essence of substance among a purposeful environment is to believe in the creation of one’s soul of faithful major salvation and benevolence.

Meritorious is considerably enormous with explicit happiness and extraordinary grateful, gracious thankfulness.

Mesmerizing in dreaming to sustain profound explorations pivot a pleasurable repeat for exquisite nautical evaluations.

Motorized by the timing of the waves’ beat is the precise moment to dive in and go with the easy flow as messages are immense with vast resources that are flipped in upbeat feat.

Sweet-sounding breakers in the briny deep are magnetic and hypnotic as mellow feelings arise in the peaceful intentions with blue water connections as, “The Letter (Surf Clip),” reminds one to hold dear to know the test is the best.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!