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“Dreams Do Come True”

November 27, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Rolling on country roads anticipating a ton of fun inside the tree house peaceful as a mouse.

In the strong perched high branches of the oak tree, displays a tiny home full of plenty.

A reliable lookout across the acreage gives many dreamers bold ample courage.

With windows in every corner, the enchanting entrance is a gateway to stay.

Watching the twinkling stars dance in the night sky motion wishes to fly.

Whimsically counting patterns of Milky Way formations hover a thrill to match learned galaxy constellations.

Enjoying dreams at every age soaring in the clouds to become actualities that will not fade.

Rain or shine, pathways that lead to think up lofty are crafted by design.

Running to a marvelous reception prompts creative conceptions.

After school, bus routes slow the ride to be clear to quickly jaunt there with a gleeful mindset in gear.

A reward for doing chores, the magical tree house is entertained without bore.

Daydreaming above the grass, in the big tree, surrounded with nature and the occasional irritating bee.

Spending time to ponder of what to achieve in the future yet to see.

Swaying on the secured rope swing allows imagination to wonder with sing.

Embracing make believe brings fascination into fantasy to become possible images of a gallery.

Using empty paper towel holders as homemade binoculars, envision games by turning the circulars to view ally or spy.

Amusing precious times pass to latch and never elapse.

Rehearsals of music and performances last for hours with longing travels and practiced powers.

Shaping art by coloring and drawing is extra special to restart when painted on pottery without hurry.

Centered in the garden patch, mystic ideas hatch.

Playing hide and seek takes priority over homework to think.

Making up rules to escape life’s nonsense with a childhood cape.

Exploring curiosities develops reasons to pause for general reciprocities.

Inventing gadgets to be reinvented reside as focal points not to be ignored but represented.

Along overgrown mossy pink stone, curved walkways remain followed to enter a tender fanciful zone.

Pretending to be or not to be excites recites in poetry of royalty.

Talking aloud or in a whisper, words of importance sound crisper.

Reading a favorite book as a getaway, silently reflecting on the story to never go away.

Writing feelings and emotions turn into a lovely journal of devotions.

Laughing or crying, both sentiments so dear that will be a reminiscence with cheer.

Telling secrets to be kept is a promise that might be wept or swept.

Inviting friends to slumber parties in the vast open air is a blast forever to share.

Decorating with fresh rose bouquets to know everything is okay.

Paper supplies stocked to be used inside the treasured abode, happily as the mode to be reused and bestowed.

A space to return to remember phases before the memory erases.

Potentials become probabilities with hope, love and God as essential realities. 

Prayer is taught in that magnificent tree house to be never forgotten no matter what. 

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!