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{Isolated Cabbage Key Island In Southwest Florida’s Gulf Is Worth The Waves To Experience Tranquil Raves Near Channel Marker 60 That Is Really Nifty As The Author Perceives Keenly}

“High Spirited”

February 15, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Though one can only arrive at Cabbage Key Island in Southwest Florida by boat or seaplane, full delight is an energetic happiness to discover and enjoy the magic with lively, relaxed inner enthusiasm without any traffic, combustion or intrusion.

Island hopping is extraordinary in Southwest Florida closely following ecstatic mapping from Captiva Island to Cabbage Key Island in approximately 20 miles northwest of Fort Myers, 5 miles south of Gasparilla Island and directly across from channel marker 60 for the harbor on the intracoastal waterway as time goes by to stay.

Enrapture in the natural capture of the island’s pleasurable history with cheery, jovial leisure as one flies in the allotted dock slip or throws the boat rope to secure the slot knot.

Aqua isle leapfrogging along Southwest Florida is an amusing frolic to relish the mystic, as playful dolphins jump in waves with expressive merry from one’s boat’s wake in the magnificent cruising to be awake in the marvelous escape.

Mirthful entertainment is bound to be found in splendid jocund abound in the Gulf’s salty marine with warmth and beauty all around in the sunshine’s deep blue climatic sea surround.

Most visitors come for lunch and a drink in Cabbage Key’s best kept secret as a beloved surprise to unwind with dollar bill greens plastered and spattered that have heard echoes of famous Ernest Hemingway, Katharine Hepburn, Ted Koppel, Jimmy Buffett, Ed McMahon, Rob Lowe, Julia Roberts and others, who have bent an elbow there to be remembered forever more.

Jimmy Buffett was so inspired by the Cabbage Key Island Bar of a particular item on the menu that he wrote, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” which the upbeat high spirited song continues to be a famous favorite gem as fans smile, hum and sing gleefully along.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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