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January 5, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Feedback is as critical as communicating for positive reinforcement with confidence and credence to advance and thrive in a viable world.

Being considered as satisfactory abilities or improved capabilities based on others’ reactions can be a dismantling ego the first go round inside this process as part of a company’s set of rules. Usually as a hidden agenda as part of the corporate system, public ranked citations are serious standards to abide by in and out of the conference rooms.

As a state of mind for coherent perception, the productivity in the methodology is certainly in how circumstances are accepted, acted upon and illuminated.

Whether assessments are heavy on a written review, a quick selected descriptive icon, a tapped decision on how many applauds or an instant click on the correct stars to indicate the quality of service, the aftermath for someone’s well-being is at stake but the ultimate prerequisite is to uphold a strong, optimistic outlook toward cognitive development in gaining beneficial knowledge.

To earn a 5-star rating is a fabulous emotion and accomplishment. Especially, when the statistics reveal a constant upswing or climb from a fundamental point of start.

There is always going to be a situation of being evaluated, probed, prodded, speculated, observed, critiqued, rewarded. This list is as bountiful as creative.

Amazingly, once the outcome is established, good or bad, moods are reflected to coincide with the score. The reaction is human nature.

Yearning to be accepted with praise is a universal learned behavior that is desired and valued personally and professionally.

Contemplating the range of categories can achieve goals in vast client business opportunities inspiring finances, work, health, relationships, industries, movies, television shows, music, sports, personalities, people, animals, education, travel, trends, lifestyles and future generations.

Interpretations of the definitions can soar from unlikely to great or highly likely with superior expertise in the performed experience provided by the server. This scenario requires extremely keen eye observations for many conceivable reasons.

Since the tender age of preschool or being old enough to do chores at home, the grading system was in motion in preparation for appraisals the remaining days of one’s heartbeat.

Receiving the happy smiley face or A++ on a school test or a parent handing over a dollar bill as a job well done for a household task, the overjoyed excitement resonated to strive to do more and better.

Life is a customer assistance entity involving the qualities of individual reality, families and professions where society has become consumers with value added merit mixed in for one global understanding.

Success affects every aspect of being rated in some form of fashion where everyone partakes in the role of patron or provider and can be tilted at a moment’s notice like the Richter scale.

Rendering the verdict can be fast or slow with detailed precision in justifications that can damage a reputable score or enhance the credibility of support, supplier or product.

Reviews, testimonials, surveys can be incorporated in the versatile learning skillsets as being responsible, reachable, accessible and accountable.

Virtues from within dignify personality, poise and character by the explanations with positivity and an upbeat attitude. This inward mission assures a never giving up profile as every single day is a new approach to apply the intelligence and practice what has been taught with integrity.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!