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Photo: NASA Earth Observatory 8.29.23 Hurricane Idalia Image Strengthened In The Gulf Of Mexico

“Hold On”

August 31, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Anticipate desires when expectations might be unexpectations amid clouded situations that eventually will flip into bright aspirations.

Hope keeps life alive when one stays strong to survive, to know happiness will emerge to strive to thrive.

With faithful foundation of blessings to everyone affected, prayers are valued with planned aim for safety and healthy ambition to be projected and respected.

Through dangerous storm surges, floods, debris and no utility services, emotions are natural to go ahead and cry as a release to be free.

Photo: NASA Earth Observatory 9.28.22 Hurricane Ian’s Eye Image Bellowed In The Gulf Of Mexico

Though two fierce hurricanes roared on the Florida West Coast within a year, the author witnessed both devastating storms but can still see the beautiful images of once was the Fort Myers Beach pier.

To see the positive way may be hard sometimes to stay, as the author knows firsthand to say even to have experienced the Eye of Ian as a beacon to remain by the sea is the key to play without a tomorrow’s guarantee.

In order to carry on to achieve, never give up as a trump, as this appropriate song, “Hope,” by Shaggy is to believe things will get better to hold on for the dream that will gleam with inner core esteem.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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