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Created Graphic Designs

Captiva Erosion Prevention District

Created the redesigned government agency logo to be a present powerful presence

on Captiva Island, Florida from the original outdated sixty plus year logo.


Created the concept and logo design for this sensible online business.

Offering beautiful, fresh roses for just cents on the dollar at wholesale bulk rates

to distinct and diverse customers for glorious and memorable flourishing occasions.

Sports in Bloom by Kimmy

Created and designed the company logo for this online women’s sports clothing retail venture. 

Colorful embroidered flowers signify this exclusive attire in gaining energetic mental advantages

with confidence, fitness and happiness.

Strength By The Sea By Kimmy Publication

Created and visualized the digital publication and logo concepts as a Zen

place to write where enchantments spark creativity with positivity.

Sunrise2Sunset Consulting

Created the concept, designed the logo and compiled content to display Sunrise2Sunset Consulting.

Virtual executive administration assistance for project management and virtual expert support for clients’ continuing successes.

Writers Cabana

Exuberating reposes of innovative scripting can be relished at the Writers Cabana

where bandanas and Pollyannas are celebrated and welcomed.      

Reveal harmonious art as an endless seam of optimistic gleam

through the Writers Cabana song of theme by Matt Simons, Catch & Release, to increase cheerful peace.