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“Something Is Off”

March 15, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Progresses through the day can be smoothly processed with elated productivity and high satisfaction but there is that specific snag or repeating experience of hitting a wall of unexpected situations that halt workflow or regular routines.

Stuck in orbiting to fix malfunctions sure take time that one did not have time or anticipated to make the time that created time that might seem full of blank wasted time with more provoked curious questions than answers due to operational glitches.

Proceed with caution in these stressful uncertainties because the issues are temporary with a footprint or tracking steps as documents can be recovered or crisis can be rectified. Naturally breathe, smile and know data or items will not be lost.

Allow errors to learn and grow for future wisdom as mature actions fall easily in order of placement and recall in helping others in the same predicaments.

When occurrences do not add up, something is obviously off as an invasive feeling to be guided into an uninvited investigation to promptly be resolved with successful results.

Keep the humor in place and chin up with an open mind of tenacity in the depth of faulting incidences to augment skillsets and educational advancements as part of the learning curves to share at the precise magnificent opportunity.

Blips can pop up from internet transactions, office equipment, stalled vehicles, vending machines, customer service support calls, troubleshooting attempts, tickets for worldwide concerts or Powerball winners, finances, mail deliveries to the wrong address or cell phones in dead zones that instantly drop calls and the global list prevails.

Sometimes when required details that are relied upon are not connected, everything is out of sync in life as the unison HTTP 404 Not Found response. This is the moment to silently chuckle and push forward.

Causes of natural disasters can create mishaps that cut off communications, utilities, food, transportation or domiciles that affect predictable challenges to flip into long term unpredictable conditions.

To sustain any lifestyle on this big, beautiful marble called Earth, there is a peak of acceptance with exhilaration to remain calm, positive and remember to love with respect in every circumstance.

Life is too short to be anxious or become upset with bitterness over inadequate structures. Those systems will be secured as one patiently waits for the outcome to be functioning again as an uplifting outlook during the journey.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!