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{This Mystic Scene Was Spotted By The Author Along One Of South Florida’s Isolated Islands As Her Curiosity Engulfed Into The Ship’s Marine Mystery With A History}

“Gosh Darn”

March 7, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Drifting, waiting, listening as one considers a variety of conditions of indirect errors that transpired into many oops to abandon with a triggered forward optimistic relinquish in rushed situational circumstances to dispense, is a famous phrase of No Man’s Land.

Observing faux pas tactics as aftermaths of unpleasant slapdashes with gaffe measures of sloppy expressions that could have been pleasing but remained as a grasp strength of feeling in a gasp careless embarrassing blunder in front of others, is transparent in the emphasis of halfhearted, uncalculated mistakes.

Changing from an offhand course is necessary when a gosh darn mishap or storm is apparent that snuck up unexpectedly when one ignored or didn’t pay attention that resulted in search of rest for destiny and dignity, unintentionally.

As the author notices various deserted ships of different hulls along the South Florida Islands’ coasts, stories of wonder turn into her amazed ponder as she gazes at the long-lost sea’s structures that float ashore in unaccountable, unexplained gripping rifts.

Realizing several historical meanings are pertinent about No Man’s Land, there is an old medieval England word that was prone to be known and heard as, Nonemanneslond, that signified an unowned wasteland ground beyond London’s jurisdiction used for executions, usually for beheadings, in public settings.

In the terrain between the front lines of entrenched armies, British and German soldiers met in No Man’s Land of World War I to cease fire to play an impromptu game of soccer, shaking hands and wishing each other a happy Christmas of 1914 that was not foreseen.

Uncovered areas journeyed from being lost on GPS to take an about face or in vast sports to quickly reflect or reframe in surfing, tennis, football, chess, soccer, boating and more sorts, are for one to discover an enlightening outlook of optimistic educational grand in No Man’s Land.

Life’s a trip, effectively and prayerfully make the most of every minute.

Evoke valor with honor and leadership with chivalric, stoic heroism as, “No Man’s Land,” haunts one not to partake as a nonwinning bystander but to crest in experiences of safe adventures in humble accord to promptly desire changes to soar from learned, positive outcomes in respective, diverse gained inspirational ranges.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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