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{Recent Coastal View In Southwest Florida Ocean Storm That Was Seriously Rolling Firm Toward Landfall In The Afternoon’s Dark Skies To Make All Take Sheltered Heed In Severe Warn}

“Embrace Unknowns”

January 12, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Anticipating roaring weather that was recently approaching, was a jumble in the rumble as tornadoes were touching down by the ocean’s edge made one to close her eyes to pause to pray and give praise to God to make a storm’s hedge.

Predicting power to again go out, the author endured an electric shock injury while proactively securing rough stuff in a gusty hurry.

Crashing waves smashing on the beach keeps one’s head up in surrounding midst as shore tumble will always be faithful and gracious sights seen to be gratefully around in the marine scene.

Signifying strong winds with heavy rain in range of the nearing forecast, definitely pushed a fast pace to foretell pressing swells switched priority to make diligent routines in getting ready to embrace unknowns with precautionary guarding steady of know.

Waiting through the safety in preparing was watching advanced rip tides break free to eventually be returned as the calm openness of the giving sea and the darkness to become quietly bright to be tightly held with blessed light.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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