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{As The Author Approached Surfing At Anna Maria Island, Florida, She Knew From The View She Would Be Grateful To Be Anew}

“Sensing Captivation”

January 25, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Recognizing dangers yet demonstrating calmness by being mentally strong was delightful in capturing a mystic adventure that resonated forever.

Admiring the fun to pursue the courageous experience within was phenomenal as the author faced the exquisite, beautiful race of every wave as an advanced place in the oceanic tides that fluctuated in extraordinary salty rides of haze.

Boldy, being unafraid to try new adventures in aquatic routines, she bravely pushed on in clarity and safety to go all in as she charged forward before, she began.

Fearlessly, she felt and “Listened To Her Heart” as the warm air touched her face as she dived in with grace from the sugary sandy beach to the crest of each further curled irregular rolled roam of sun kissed white foam.

Sensing the captivation, she ignited with nature in a distinct island location as “The Sea” took her pleasure to hold steady in particular, as drenched splendor, to repeat the venture in the continuing movement under the shinning sun and glistening moon.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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