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Image By NOAA Climate

“Environmental Creed”

December 12, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Embrace the future by adapting climate solutions to the existing climate crisis before evaporating invasions of human hands that may dissolve the result to a catastrophic end.

Implementing further involvement with active support to protect the weak Earth’s environment is espousing the compassion to sustain its natural productivity with positivity.

Serious global warming does affect the world abound to create a resounding sound to wake up and cultivate a creed to save Mother Earth’s blessed gifts for all to receive.

Landscapes are vaporizing in the melting with every passing hour to make one notice to focus with responsible and accountable genuine care to commit to an ongoing cause to situationally improve with proud declare.

Rapid ice sheets are drastically melting along with gas emissions polluting and many more carbon elements fluttering that accelerate the grave atmospheric conditions that require a new approach to shape and hold a resilient tomorrow in its fold.

NOAA Office Coastal Management 2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report provides current projections to the year 2150 for communities to assess potential changes in average tide heights and accelerated valuable data to strive to adapt to sea level rise in personal and professional planning strategies through critical endeavors that all citizens can participate worth their worth that matters and be involved in to lead as stewards to benefit years of generations ahead to treasure.

To inhale and exhale is an interaction with nature that resonates through this deep passionate ballad, “Two Lungs,” by innovative musical creator Mogli that can be interpreted for the love of the Earth’s environment and oceanic effects for everyone on this marvelous rotating blue marble planet with her empathy, patience, creed and kindliness.

“Sadness is not worth the madness when one takes stride and pride in participating in improving in the optimistic trying.” 12.12.23 Kimmy Foulds


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NOAA Climate

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Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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