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“Respecting Hope And Peace”

January 2, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

When strolling the beach and discover a sand dollar, magnificent luck happens with mystic outcomes. It is known that the sand dollar represents the story of Christ with hope and peace.

Though a sand dollar is a small creature, its finding is a spectacular marvel.

The elegant, fragile sand dollar is entrancingly beautiful and commonly found on white sandy beaches in Florida. Be cautious, though, to pick up the gem.  It is illegal to remove a live sand dollar from the beaches in the Sunshine State.  

If the sand dollar is dead, take the airy prize from the foamy, playful shores of sunny Florida.

Know the difference between the precious, delicate live or dead jewel from the ocean. 

A live sand dollar will have a greenish slime or reddish, brown color with a velvety coating. It will secrete a harmless substance that will turn skin yellow if one holds the sand dollar in the hand, even for a minute. Carefully place the sand dollar back in the water because it will feel physical pain.

Be attentive when handling the underside of a live sand dollar.  Its small bones in its tiny, moving spines can cause a burning sensation if skin is punctured. 

Very distinguishable, a dead sand dollar will be gray or white, bleached by the sun.

Unfortunately, sea gulls are one of the most prominent predators of a sand dollar. Sea gulls carry the sand dollar in their mouths, dash their bodies on rocks or sharp objects and then eat the adult sand dollar.

Inspiration is overwhelming when one notices the stunning sand dollar in the shallow waters to roam and admire the gorgeous shorelines. Realize hope and peace are ahead and to respect the meaning.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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