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“Eye To Eye”

July 12, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

On a hot humid beautiful day anchored close to the shore of Anna Maria Island, Florida the author was relishing an inner euphoria alone at the bow of the boat and noticed a calmness in the air that was unexpectedly about to be changed and shared.

Out of the azure crystal waters leaped a gorgeous dolphin with a prominent elongated beak that demanded an innate swift peek when she suddenly encountered this arched alluring mammal directly in front of her as she gasped and took a step back to see its big black eyes staring into her astonished sky-blue eyes.

This precious creature curved its glistening stretch across the entire width of the 20-foot Sea Ray to engage the cautionary stare that was not a scare but later was known to be an instinct to protect her in the unknown dangerous storm that quickly approached in a shifted hazy sea salt stir as she was being nudged and coached.

With a mystical tone in the natural magic that was immediately seen, the wind was picking up as she was scurrying to dismantle the canopy to hurry and handle from being blown and thrown; then anchored up to alertly motor through the navigated journey towards the island’s tip wrap around boat club in a bit of dismay and flurry.

Respect will always be given to this particular companionable dolphin, who sheltered her from a could-have-been serious problem with its guidance in her wake all the way to the harbor’s safety’s sake.

Strangely to keep gratefully tucked inside, she will deeply steadfastly recall there were not any pods to have been seen with this meaningful solo dolphin scene.

Her fears were drifted away with gracious tears for this angelic dolphin experience will never be forgotten while her thoughts will toss with extreme passion often.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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