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“Sea And Life”

February 1, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Oceans can be mesmerizing to watch the calmness and the magnificent marine inhabitants in and around the vast waters yet frightful and sometimes deadly with their dormant strength. Certainly, elements of the seas can change within moments, parallel to living life. Circumstances test to reveal wise action instead of reaction to become stronger as a person and build a passion of substance of faith to make a difference personally and professionally.

To admire and uphold the glorious oceans, there is a brilliant production by TheSailingChannel.TV, a production of Flannery Films, that can be marveled through this documentary Full Movie: Red Dot On The Ocean The Matt Rutherford Story.

Though filmed in 2011-2012, the intrinsic qualities of this thought-provoking sailing solo trip are presently apparent today with a magnitude of determined quests as Matt Rutherford tenaciously accomplished during his odyssey.

Being an adventurous, strong-willed boy as a child, Matt furthered his curiosities to follow his dreams by being self-taught to attempt to be the first person to sail alone nonstop around North and South America in a 27-foot used boat through 27,000 miles of rough stormy seas.

At the fearless age stage in his young 30s, Matt earned two incredible Guinness World Records for his 309 days at sea voyage: First solo nonstop circumnavigation of the Americas and Smallest boat to negotiate the Northwest Passage.

From skeptics to fans, Matt was praised for his courage, endurance and exploration. Upon returning to land with celebrations and the press interviewing him in the news, an adorable original comeback that displayed his humor when asked, “Did you see any pirates along the way?” as Matt answered, “Ah, every time I looked in the mirror!”

Matt achieved his goal to raise money for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) a nonprofit organization providing the thrill, freedom and therapeutic value of sailing for anyone with a disability, recovering warriors and youth from underserved communities. Matt successfully fundraised $120,000 and heightened awareness toward CRAB as he embarked on shore with $30 to his name.

Matt sums up the essence of the impactful journey with the exposures he endured at sea that reflect life, “We all have a gift, a place in the world with the point of life is to be happy, enjoying, existing on earth with something there is passion about with meaning to add and help this giant group of people living on this round ball floating in outer space.”

An amazing outcome developed from his gripping remarkable mission. He formed Ocean Research Project and to this day his nonprofit organization conducts research around the globe to help scientific communities better understand the problems facing earth’s oceans.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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