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{Southwest Florida Islands Remain To Be A Daily Mystic For The Author And Her Surf/Bicycle Friends To Live In A Sandy Beachy Foamy Aqua Wonderland}

“Explore Pace”

March 3, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Get physical to smile, laugh and giggle along the ocean’s shoreline to repeat the excitement in Florida’s humid bright sunshine.

Feel sensations cycling in the sand to further adventure riding the brine’s waves in one’s hand of liberating joy as the salt wafts in the air forever that will never end nor be ridiculed or scoffed thereafter.

Explore a place to experience a sensitive pace in surroundings of drifting dreams as winds softly and breezily blow toward marine and human caring kind as compassion empathetically grows in profound fine time.

Leisurely be amused by the tender sea’s ebullience to enthusiastically continue in the charmful rapture of ecstatic exuberance.

Allow the natural energy to overflow to know the bicycle can provide the means to the anticipated edge and then, to the climaxed, thrilling end.

Breathing in enchantments of life are welcoming and gratifying in the qualities of one’s valued livelihood to stir up happiness with a gracious gratitude of a free flip flop barefoot attitude.

Enjoy the buoyancy of pedaling a bike to reach the water’s shore to embrace the palm trees sway as the deep blue depths softly purr back and forth with distant quiet roars or dance in the sand while sunsets shine brighter with a savored, sensual fever of fervor.

Being thankful for her two-wheel pedal cycles, the author is grateful for her imperative reliable cool, grooving island vehicles to rotate different colors in a quirky, impromptu peaceful cycle.

She is aware and would like to share a ditty about the eminent bicycle of intriguing decades with a remarkable history to verbally recycle.

Though Germany was the center of innovation for the bicycle, giving credit to German Baron Karl von Drais as a steerable, two-wheeled contraption in 1817, this invention was known with many names as the Velocipede, Hobbyhorse, Draisine or running/walking machine without pedals and then was developed by a different German pioneer for the first bicycle with pedals in 1853 to replace horses for the French post service offices.

While the first bicycles were made from wood with steel tires, the curved frame shapes were complex maneuvers until an Englishman in the 1870s added swing pedals to ease the rides up hill on stony cobble carriageways and thought of the women handling the loads as he invented the ladies’ sole saddle for a more comfortable position on the famous Boneshaker or Day Pedal Bike for daily enjoyable jaunts. However, soon after in 1871, a high wheel bicycle gem was the noted Penny Farthing that represented the penny and farthing coins with a large front wheel and a smaller rear ring became popular in the 1880s for a smoother ride in rotational spring.

Safety bicycles progressed in the 1880s to the present by foot powering the rear wheel, keeping the feet safely away from the front wheel, to be higher quality and lower weight than other bicycles of its time and prime.

Smile with grace as the salty sea drips off one’s face, for a “Summer Fever,” to begin an invigorating swim among tides to rave in frolicking beachy optimistic days to freely play that are passionately fulfilled and everlasting, lusciously fun filled.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!