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“Repurposing Seaweed”

December 14, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Surfacing ecological news has been excitingly publicized worldwide for Notpla being announced recently as the winner of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize in the category of Build A Waste-Free World.

The Earthshot Prize is the world’s most prestigious and ambitious environmental prize to reward innovative projects addressing climate change and other serious recyclable issues.

Founded by Prince William and The Royal Foundation in 2020, The Earthshot Prize awards five winners each year for their contributions to the earth’s sustainability. The Earthshot Prize was first awarded in 2021 and is planned to honor grants annually until 2030.

With an exceptional mission to remove food waste, single-use packaging and inspire future generations, companies and industries to reuse, repurpose and recycle, The Earthshot Prize steps forward to initiate efforts in eliminating objects destined for decades of waste in landfills, seas and harming marine life.

In striving for everyone on this miraculous blue marble to sustain safe, healthy and happy lives without waste, The Earthshot Prize focuses on protecting and restoring nature, reviving oceans, creating clean air and fixing the geosphere’s climate crisis.

Notpla was founded in 2014 and premiered the Not Plastic brand in 2019. This emerging sustainable packaging entrepreneur London-based company is widely featured as pioneers of versatile seaweed to replace single-use plastic with single-use seaweed.

This ingenious embarkment to produce seaweed products resonates optimistic impacts to reverse climate change and global warming with the advantages of raw seaweed. This is extraordinary progress for further manufacturing, since the oceans hold about 96 percent of all earth’s water.

Notpla’s determined designers, chemists and engineers have found amazing benefits in the guiding principles of realizing nature knows best to repair the damaged cosmos. Remarkable developments in seaweed can multiply fast, with some types up to three feet in a day, from the 12,000 species found in every ocean of the world.    

While some seaweed is harvested directly from the vast seas’ environments, the marine algae can be gleaned in sea-based garden farms or can be land-cultivated in saltwater tanks. This edible plant thrives in growth without fertilizing, weeding or watering.

Just like a fruit peel, Notpla is claimed to be biodegradable and home compostable. Notpla is a non-chemically modified, polysaccharide-based material and is classified as a natural, organic substance by European Union law.

Notpla Paper has been brilliantly devised as visually distinct, tactile, fully printable and transforms relevancy to several secondary packaging applications. And, the clever inventive Notpla Film flexible packaging will breakdown naturally without releasing any microplastics.

Notpla has also designed packaging solutions made from seaweed that disappear naturally, called Ooho. These delicate bubble capsules encase liquid in a waterproof film turning them into transparent natural wraps or pods.

The renewable wraps or pods can be gulped into one drink to literally eat water, consume flavors and go green. Notpla has concocted secret seaweed sauces, condiments of ketchup, mayonnaise and olive oil for more resilient resources.

Ooho arises from the need to find an alternative to the millions of plastic bottles and containers that are used and discarded every day for water and food consumption that are not recycled and ends up damaging the globe.

Notpla’s packaging material disintegrates within four to six weeks (if not consumed), instead of plastic containers that add up in landfill waste for centuries.

Globally abundant, this salty savory sea vegetable is an essential asset to help prevent climate change by reducing ocean acidification and effectively absorbing carbon.

Collaborating with nature at its best, this giant gift of kelp populates vibrantly in various underwater forests.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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