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“Living Life”

December 26, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Thoughtfully invest time in oneself to give willingly and entirely to others.

Strive with excellence to reveal intricate steadfast core values.

Conduct persistent form with uplift to evaluate favorable and productive outcomes.

Build character to keep sorted inwardly to shine outwardly.

Add history to moments lived each hour.

Get on, press on through what matters.

Savor feelings of awe in amazements that become extraordinary.

Easily tender open doors first with smiles and grace.

Embrace changes with enjoyment to fulfill new beginnings.

Notice small tokens of adoring gestures that encourage happiness.

Realize differences are significant, beautiful and magnificent.

Kindly communicate the two words, thank you, with sincerity to abide by integrity.

Follow dreams that take a lifetime to be living a loved gentle life.

Learn to move forward by expanding experiences with curiosity from start to completion.

Curate individuality with meaning, substance, resiliency and resourceful attitudes.

Treasure each miracle for each is precious to the heart to stay in the heart forever.

Compliment every breath as a natural gift to praise each second to hold dear.

Recognize angles guide from prayers offered on high.

Collect daily positive content with gratefulness that amplifies personal ethics.

Relish conversations with people for comfort, even strangers or friends from long ago.

Believe God protects with the light shown on the safe path.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!