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“Coming Together”

October 23, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Reuniting with family and friends in familiar surroundings can resonate yesteryears of fond recollections where life lived in that safe, comfortable and protective countryside.

There is always a spot or someone special that has or will impressively touch past, present and future experiences to hold dear as marvelous wonders in any setting.

As seasons change, so do loved ones. Through stages of ages to witnessing death, reflections of the positive bring cohesive bonds with calmness, respect and gratitude.

Either far away in miles on earth or peaceful rejoices with God in the heavens, the mind and spirit of many roads lead memories together.

Influences of countryside scenes are upheld with natural beauty and fundamental values.

Sentimental passages can be unforgettable auras with distinctive clarity.

Rolling on grooved tire paths of gravel rock lanes can bring back the thick clouds and smells of dry sand debris hovering in the air.

Anticipating trips of visits can instantly catch drifting meanings of miraculous, solidified inspirations.

Rugged worn asphalt pavements lined with sprigs of lavender guide journeys to steadfast one room churches.

Tall mature oak trees and lilac bushes shade elongated white pillar decorative fences along winding, extended entrances.

Sweet cherry trees stand firm in straight rows displaying pink buds of fruitful blossoms lining lush grounds of high brushed wheatgrass.

Flat fields of multiplied cornstalks thriving and waiting for tender ears of kernel corn to be husked at sunrise when the dew has evaporated for harvesting.

Groomed vined gardens enhance purposefully designed ditches and babbling streams meticulously cultivate bright yellow giant wild sunflowers mixed with colorful purple, red, blue, orange popping daises, butterfly attracted coneflowers, medical mullein plants and herbal stalks of ironweeds.  

Prominent vast pastel water lilies and draping Willows dress asymmetrical outlines of back acreage ponds stocked with bluegills, bass or catfish adorned with wandering lily pads blooming with fragrant scents.

Rustic timbered piers with wrought iron benches welcome readers, thinkers and writers as the characteristic croaking frogs’ serenade in the distance.

Quiet times with shines of smiles and glees of chuckles can float in the stillness without fading in precious thoughts.

Every countryside has vivid, varied landscapes in the heart.

May that one place of secure love be assured as an alluring return home to come together.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!