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“Cause And Effect For All To Connect”

December 3, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Too Good To Go is an influential mobile application that connects customers to bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores that have surplus stock of unsold food for patrons to purchase at an outstanding discount to save money for their family food budget.

This 6-year-old innovative company provides a service for the shopper to buy short-lived repasts as a Surprise Bag in which oversupplies of aliment would have been wasted or thrown out to end up in landfills. The perishable items are prepared by partnering businesses for the public to affordably acquire and pick up delicious cuisines or ingredients from their local stores.

Surprise Bags are filled with tasty nourishment of perishable delectables that would be near to the concluding shelf life or the final day of “best before/use by” date. Instead of throwing away sustenance at the end of the day, businesses gather overabundant edibles to place in Surprise Bags, which can be bought on the App to be collected at the store of choice.

Too Good To Go is an incredible informative interactive website to Save Food, Help The Planet through an impactful movement to reduce global food waste and to help reverse global warming.

Too Good To Go centers their ambition on goal related pillars through Households, Businesses, Schools, Public Affairs and an overall Knowledge Hub for a wealth of educational details to explore, participate and take action.

According to Google Play, Too Good To Go is the world’s number 1 App for fighting food waste. Founded in 2015, Too Good To Go saved its first meal in Copenhagen in March 2016. The initial idea of the founders was to focus on leftovers that became waste at the end of buffets.

Currently, this creative entrepreneurial enterprise is operational worldwide including major markets of the United States. To become involved in their imperative mission for growth and the healthy earth sustainability, sign up as a store or download the App to implement as a consumer.

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