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Compassion For The Earth

Compassion To Inform Climate Change, Global Warming, Sea Level Rise And Sustainability On Earth

Islands And Communities Are Sinking Due To Affects Of Many Manmade Elements,

Natural Disasters And Aftermaths Of Devastations To Survive

Improve importance and cohesively collaborate intelligence in innovation,

technology, space exploration, ocean conservation, marine resources, vertical

viable farming and a thriving versatile all around green world.

Encourage education to take effective action in sustaining all manifestations of the Earth’s future.

The universal grid changes daily. What is known to see, will be what was, as a memory.

Scenes of present views are eventually past impressions.

Pursue passion to advocate intensive outcomes of Climate Change and Global Warming,

which coincide with vast realms of Sea Level Rise and Sustainability.

Current sights of beauty become disappearing treasured reminiscences.

Gorgeous landscapes are washed away by powerful atmospheric forces to never ever be seen or revisited again.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.