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“Art Of Play”

May 25, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Often, relationships can be a game of artful and euphoria play like the Slinky.

New acquaintances can be fun at the start equivalent to the Slinky while winding down to eventually be bored or stored.

Mechanically the pair can be moving along as a token of pride compared to the changing Slinky and will be abruptly pushed aside.

As sensations of the association might be thin yet strong in looped routines, this process can be related to the Slinky that tumbles end over end to appease that will staggeringly cease.

Gracefully gaming with emotional fondness and heart pumping fidgeting, the highs and lows will fall as swiftly as coils of the Slinky hit the wall.

Amazingly how two people can fondly be connected as being entertained for hours parallel to the Slinky, however discovering to find their names in this article purposely written by the author as coded particles.

Joyfully anticipating seeing each other in a loving friendship strangely correlates with time spent with the Slinky as the tricks fade and will veer away without a trace or embrace.

Once upon a time, there was a married couple named Betty and Richard whom at one point were prominently heard.

Betty was the famous lady who named the toy, Slinky.

Richard was the inventor of the Slinky before he left Betty to be in some kind of cult in Bolivia, which this author was stunned to have identified as a bit of trivia.

Similar to the historical story of the Slinky, sometimes men flip a one-eighty to show their real shady of being flaky even after they leave the charming milady to turn her upside down bewildered and wired.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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