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“Blue Skies”

August 14, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

A bright sunshining day faithfully matters to enjoy a happy mood to stay.

There is an arched rainbow that will say hello as a magnificent glistening show.

Dark clouds turn into blue skies for smiles to take flight and relish the exhilarating glide.

Worries disappear when the heart is truthfully open and relaxingly clear.

Welcome the mold to behold when tumbled hurts are gone in any weather from sticky hot to frigid cold.

Challenge the positive journey whether one is in the seas on a catamaran in the windy breeze or atop snowcapped mountains in a bobsleigh with ice tracks of twisting for a competitive listing.

Keep looking up, for the rhythm will naturally continue to be gratified with energetic upbeat.

Savor optimistic attitudes as displayed in this fun filled true story inspired movie of 1993, Cool Runnings, based on the Jamaican bobsled team in the Olympic Games with one of the famous songs, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff as if to dance and sway for a jolly way to play.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!