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“Writing Tools”

December 10, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds 

Documenting stories, journaling, doodling, artistic drawings, inventive projects, old-fashioned letters, elegant calligraphy are a few examples of displaying explanations in written forms that are critical in cultures to celebrate.

Several resourceful and common practicalities are abundant to choose the favorite go-to writing device with endless opportunities.

Selecting the appropriate writing object to articulate is an important decision for many reasons, from expressing emotions and being impromptu or whimsical to serious confirmations and business plans.

As time has demonstrated historical articles of original communication, so has the development in compositions of interpretations worldwide today.

Depending on the vast intentions of the audience, the intended correspondence has impactful purposes personally and professionally.

Goals to attain specific results for the receiver to understand takes priority in the ways and choices of connecting significance for the present, past and future.

Societies have flourished phenomenal creative ideas to record meanings, directions, guidelines, motives and chronicles for generations to learn, grasp, wonder and continue to be curious.

Typical known writing implements range from periods of styluses, reed pens and clay to more present days of pencils, chalk, crayons, dry erasers, markers, versatile digital gear, paints and makeup.  

Artistic stone or rock carvings with chisels and hammerstones were employed as well as primitive cave paintings with pigments made from juices of fruits or berries, colored minerals and even blood.

Beautiful goose or swan feather quills were once the principal writing instrument with the strongest quills obtained from living birds in their new growth period in the spring season.

Handmade gadgets to engrave depictions for comprehension were utilized with steel rods with sharpened tips to cut metal and meticulously remove the material sliver by sliver for clever designs of essence.

Styluses of metal, bone or ivory were applied on surfaces coated with chalklike substances of graphite to be the first type of a pencil. Scribes crafted this thin slate metal rod to leave a light readable mark on slate tablets made of wax attached to wood or on papyrus, paper.

Skillful scribes were later in pursuit of replacing styluses and writing in clay for a better, beneficial alternative to permanently reveal vocabulary as tangible. They would dip their reed pen into ink to be retained in the split at the point of the pen.

Modern lead pencils never did contain lead but were associated with styluses made of lead. The famous adaptable pencil is a mixture of graphite and clay, all non-toxic minerals. The more graphite, the softer and darker the point is on the pencil.

Precious pencils are still genuine as assorted applications in daily life, not only for writing. Remembering long hair curled around a pencil for flowing ringlets as a child or sticking a colorful drawing on many individual pencils to label vegetables in a childhood large garden. Alternative manifests could pave a highway.

Popular ballpoint pens became favored as pilots started working with these utensils because the tip automatically refreshes the oil-based ink to dry quickly and would not leak at high altitudes. This preferred patented gift of brilliance remains to be the world’s most-used writing gizmo.

Among the vast ingenious methods of conveying messages, innovative uses evolved over centuries to improve precise accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness and ease to handle for marking languages.

Realizing the boundless freedom of written speech and history on diverse writing tools, could be the product of an amazing dissertation. This subject is a marvelous and intricate part of human archives that sparks further discussions about inspiring elements of dissemination.

Express choices. Enjoy writing with meaning. Reach for the exact penning tool. Make an uplifting, positive impression.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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