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“Island Hopping” May 15, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Embracing unexpected impromptu jaunts by island hopping can be a miraculously zealous optima and full of enticing ingenuity when boating in the warm marine tranquil Gulf of Mexico of the Sunshine State’s Southwest Coast of Florida. Reasoning with friends to step away from stressful ordinary daily routines… Read More »Zealous


“Electrifying Exhilaration” May 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Chase elations in optimistic strengths to achieve goals in honest triumphs for one can pursue outstanding joys in seeking accomplishments without fear, hassle or tussle by diligently securing extraordinary opportunities abundantly with clear precise rewarding revere. Through entertaining fun activities one can discover celebrations in jolly merriments… Read More »Jollity


“Peacefully Tranquil” May 9, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Living an uncomplicated life can be extraordinarily fulfilling by creating a respective perspective on future dreams and hopes to goal-set forward, pausing for thankfulness of what has been attained in outstanding incredible accomplishments. Spark far shores of the imagination to shine in every direction as one can… Read More »Simple


“Imparting Art” May 6, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Cheerfully immerse oneself into life to expect abilities that might emerge to go up, down, sideways and every which away unexpectedly as one endures submerging in urging growing expansion but with innate buoyant attitudes can turn exerts into prized upward successful determinations in a balance state of… Read More »Buoyancy


“Opening Eyes” April 29, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Positivity can be released in stressful and dangerous circumstances among the worst seemingly confrontational serious mayhem of mishaps by flipping the thankful coin to hone qualities of safety, concern and empathy amidst protective relieving tranquility. Generously giving to others without expecting rewards can be pleasantly received to… Read More »Kindness


Celebrating Earth Day By Protecting Mother Nature’s Magnificent Created Environments To Preciously Sustain Future Generations. “Instant Impressions” April 22, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Acknowledging instant impressions of nature can correlate a yearned perceived notice to relate detections in optimistic conversions of glorious conceptual surroundings to be comprehended with abstract yet breathtaking, extraordinary, fundamental intuitions to… Read More »Sensing


“Okie Dokie” April 17, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Amidst the tall swaying Para grass plants, the author knows the grunts of territorial alligators ruffling from their various sounds as their jaws snap or shifts in their reptile sauntering bodies basking in the sun while taking a nap. By their evident warning, gators will bellow, growl,… Read More »Presence


Warmth Of Early Morning Beach Splashes Upon The Author’s Barefoot Feet Is Her Routine Along The White Sandy Shoreline Walk Revealing The Imagery Exquisitely Approaching As Waves Soon Turn Into Her Surfing Crest Spots On Crystal Blue Kissed Aqua Dew In The Rising Sun To Ride Shredding Swirls To Continue Imparting In Salty Sultry Fun.… Read More »Aurora


“Sweet Amour” April 13, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds An ample hungry morning appetite can be in beautiful sight when one touches and frolics in the crystal blue oceans to stir notices in recognizing natural inner chirpy sunlight with strong confidence along the day’s plentiful path to indubitably perceive everything will be swimmingly alright. Be awakened… Read More »Abundant


“Guilt Tripping” April 8, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Prevail to be strong and brave to push through the perturbed middle of a trialed crest wave to sail through graciously, successfully, thankfully and vigorously to generously enable fortitude with gratitude. Life sometimes brings circumstantial situations that must be grasped as precautions when one is inflicted by… Read More »Beware