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Kimmy Foulds


“Educated Enlightenments” March 14, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Grip life with exquisite minutes of adventure to optimistically seek grit in every accomplishment even through mistakes that can roll into witty enlightenments of educated insightful concepts. Search to obtain knowledge as vigorously as an airplane smoothly lands on an exuberantly illuminated night’s runway when ideas click… Read More »Erudition


“Delicate Interweaves” March 13, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Be actively courageous to be undisturbed in the midst of a serious, lingering unsettling disturbance. Question what does not feel right to make a wisely chosen difference in an inspiring sight of light. Question what someone says without facts to boldly ask for correct, proven answers that… Read More »Picture


“Positive Expectations” March 12, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Optimistic cognizance in the affectionate elements of the air, can be cheerfully enthusiastic that make the seashore heaven-sent as sweet and bright as tangerine scents with relevance in a precious isolated significance. Eagerness can be mixed with calmness of a gentle tone as one naturally values positivity… Read More »Sanguine


“Aquatic Tapestries” March 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Though there are multiple opinions about what is relevant or valuable in an environmental life, the author chooses to abide by Shakespeare’s extraordinary way with the sentimental phrase, “Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye” in the comical yet cognitive play, “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” as an… Read More »Affinity


“Pace Phases” March 9, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds At this precious moment, at this delicate time, at this new or previous place, at this present space, give thankful grace to lend an ear in selfless accord with others’ pace to shine in their stage to express their respected, creative engage. At this profound juncture, at… Read More »Hither


“Gosh Darn” March 7, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Drifting, waiting, listening as one considers a variety of conditions of indirect errors that transpired into many oops to abandon with a triggered forward optimistic relinquish in rushed situational circumstances to dispense, is a famous phrase of No Man’s Land. Observing faux pas tactics as aftermaths of… Read More »Gaffe


“Explore Pace” March 3, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Get physical to smile, laugh and giggle along the ocean’s shoreline to repeat the excitement in Florida’s humid bright sunshine. Feel sensations cycling in the sand to further adventure riding the brine’s waves in one’s hand of liberating joy as the salt wafts in the air forever… Read More »Ebullience


“Welcomed Noise” March 1, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Though the seaplane was first patented in 1876, this incredible water aircraft was flown in World Wars I and II while its development took off with popularity ever since with practical usages of applied marine sense. Among the optimistic euphoria of historical facts about versatile seaplanes, there… Read More »Appreciate


“Bursting Climax” February 29, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Gratifying in the burst of dramatic impacts, sudden effects take hold of one’s love with the ocean in the forces to be told in the marine’s mystic that devotedly surrenders the author’s positive attitude in nature’s passionate realistic. Furling waves represent thrilling climaxes for the author to… Read More »Zap


“For Life” February 23, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Discover pleasure in astounding sensories with sensual dimensions of living in upbeat aspects of uplifting moments to savor the noticed and focused present emotions with exploding optimistic dreams to fulfill wide opened. Kiss each positive lust for life with strong impulsive desires to live an eventful, entertainable… Read More »Lust