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Kimmy Foulds


“Engage Sage” June 12, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Paying independent attention to all senses for environmental, social and economic balances for sustainable purposes can provoke public common ground to confidently contrast collectively positive involvement in saving this gorgeous blue rotating marble called Earth in incorporating mutual innovative approaching ideas that combine issues of significant resolutions… Read More »Listen


“Gunk Spin” June 10, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Securely anchored from drifting in danger of a low tide shoreline, the author excitedly got up from the bow of her boat, leaped in the saltwater but didn’t see how seriously murky the ocean was until she rolled with the punches of swallowing gunk and endured constant… Read More »Murky


“Impossibly Possible” June 5, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds A bit nervously stranded at an exhilarating outside break in a disoriented down wipeout dip hitting a wave lip, the author knew to work it to feel it as she was determined to emerge from her submerge fighting mighty to rejuvenate her surfing envision to surface with… Read More »Exuberance


“Cutie Pie” May 30, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds A little tale about the author’s small chummy expressive gecko to charmingly tell a couple of sweetly intriguing behaviors noticed from her acquired decked out darling reptile changing colorful scales with an adorable energetic workout routine constantly flexing pushups as his bony backbone to proclaim his title… Read More »Gatekeeper


“Intuitive Initiative” May 28, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds An intuitive peaceful initiative can lead one to research solid sources to change dutiful actions as facts to provide essential evidence as reliable expressed, proposed and produced viable resources. Uplifting oneself and the public in finding valuable light in sensible, available honest elements about statements of ambiguity… Read More »Responsibility


“Passionate Patriotism” May 25, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Independent latitudes are qualities of positive, reputable actions with more than liberty, integrity, justice of honest, harmonious opportunities for moral excellence in profound essence that encompass solid core values and virtues to civilly guide with worth of distinctive beliefs but are intertwined to signify mankind in bravery… Read More »Honor


“Steadily Slow” May 23, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Every day is turtle day and today is a remarkable two decades of awareness that marks the annual holiday on May 23rd bringing together conservationists, scientists and turtle enthusiasts from around the globe to celebrate gorgeous turtle creatures of all delicate wildlife features. Sponsored by American Tortoise… Read More »Chelonians


May 21, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Being cautious and curious can be essential positive elements of living compliantly accountable when making guarded decisions in unknown watchful territories or liable predicaments but with strong evaluating courage in valued prudence can deserve one to acclaim analyzed liberty from wall flowering in the background settling as a coward… Read More »Credibility


“Island Hopping” May 15, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Embracing unexpected impromptu jaunts by island hopping can be a miraculously zealous optima and full of enticing ingenuity when boating in the warm marine tranquil Gulf of Mexico of the Sunshine State’s Southwest Coast of Florida. Reasoning with friends to step away from stressful ordinary daily routines… Read More »Zealous


“Electrifying Exhilaration” May 11, 2024 By Kimmy Foulds Chase elations in optimistic strengths to achieve goals in honest triumphs for one can pursue outstanding joys in seeking accomplishments without fear, hassle or tussle by diligently securing extraordinary opportunities abundantly with clear precise rewarding revere. Through entertaining fun activities one can discover celebrations in jolly merriments… Read More »Jollity