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{An Appealing Scene To The Author Is Revealing The Necessity Of A Neighborhood Seaplane Tending To Southwest Florida’s Island Residents For Comforting Essentials}

“Welcomed Noise”

March 1, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Though the seaplane was first patented in 1876, this incredible water aircraft was flown in World Wars I and II while its development took off with popularity ever since with practical usages of applied marine sense.

Among the optimistic euphoria of historical facts about versatile seaplanes, there are a variety of intriguing types, creative inventors and important documentations of originations.

As the author is blessed to observe one of these marvelous floatplanes across the isolated sea inlet, she relishes the welcomed noise to hear the roaring engines idly thump to taxi from land to the ocean and lift into the air in front of her cottage along the sea’s shoreline with gaze and thankful praise.

For many stranded Floridians after the eye of Hurricane Ian left rumbled tumbles of catastrophic devastation on 9.28.22, they were graced with talented, compassionate pilots who quickly acted to help save bewildered survivors (including the author) who did not know what to do on the nearby Southwest Florida islands to hopefully be found and rescued.

A feeling of security to appreciate, the author relies upon and notices the flying boat close by, daily, to securely realize chances of natural circumstances can be made with honesty and dignity as Xavier Rudd reminds one to sometimes, “Walk Away,” to positively go forward from wounding storms even when someone does not have a place that once was to call home anymore.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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