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“Sustainable Influence”

July 13, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Two days ago, the California-based carbon transformation company that makes essential products from air, Twelve, broke ground in Eastern Washington at Moses Lake for their facility to begin e-jet fuel production in mid-2024.

Founded in 2015, Twelve uses revolutionary chemical technologies for the climate era. Twelve implements three elements consisting of CO2, water and electricity to make e-jet fuel, which is a fossil free, high density liquid electrified fuel (e-fuel) that is drop-in ready for existing plane engines.

Since CO2 is abundant, Twelve will rapidly reduce its concentration in the atmosphere to mitigate climate change. Twelve’s technology is an electrochemical reactor that uses CO2, water and renewable energy that eliminates the need for fossil fuels in supply chains to accelerate the path to carbon zero.

An informative article in Business Wire profiles Twelve’s influence in its sustainable fueled airplanes and ideas for a circular system in which aviation is powered by its own emissions as a future world that flies on air, not oil.

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