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{Loving The Sea With Significant Loyalty, The Author Treasures Natural Brine Of Southwest Florida’s Gifting, Changing Tides In Every Doted Scenic Time}

“Aquatic Tapestries”

March 11, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

Though there are multiple opinions about what is relevant or valuable in an environmental life, the author chooses to abide by Shakespeare’s extraordinary way with the sentimental phrase, “Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye” in the comical yet cognitive play, “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” as an expressive admirable interpretation for saving oceans in emotionally sustained devotions.

Relishing the aquatic tapestries is the clear embroidered weaves of precise decisions to believe and perceive in recycling achievements for future generations, is to patch and mend going forward as renewals of recoveries are positive activities in bountiful prosperous discoveries.

Pellucidly understanding and reinforcing the seas’ ability to survive with involved public’s due diligent affinity, one can join the striving ongoing movement to help renew and reuse water bottles from polluting oceans and landfills of contaminated dirt and tainted grains of drifting sand.

“,” on the Emerald Coast of Florida’s Panhandle picturesque 30A stretch of a magical, Gulf viewing highway, preserves beach lifestyles to clean the Earth by processing eight 16-ounce water bottles into one recycled soft, empowered t-shirt from shred to thread.

Translucent meanings for the oceans and waterways are individually many, for the author passionately desires to spread the positive notions to remember disasters of nature and populated societies to indulge in the marine’s prosperity as, “I Run To You,” that can be eliminated by humans’ destructions of the sea as a reminder to reinforce recycling in daily life’s routine of every conversion as a single action of allegiance for all of the world’s preservation and conservation.

Run from the polluted past to the clarity of a pure, nutrient future to last.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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